Metal Legs Go With Live Edge Cookies Table

What Are Live Edge Cookies?

Crosscut log pieces known as cookies are referred to as live edge slabs that usually measure 3" thick. They are typically rounded, but depending on the log they are cut from, they may have other shapes.

Why Can We Use Live Edge Cookies To Make A Table?

Cookie slabs were originally made for cutting boards. The harder and denser the wood, the better your cutting board is. Cookie slabs are commonly used in many woodworking projects such as high-top tables, coffee tables, side tables, etc due to their unique look and convenience.  Some cookie slabs are even made from unique burls that can make really exotic tabletops for your house.

Moreover, they’re durable enough to be used not only as a cutting board but also as a beautiful table in your living space. No matter if they have some cracks, you still can fix them with epoxy. That’s quite an excellent choice for most of us.

106 Namu Bench Legs ( ONE BASE ONLY)

The solid wood butcher block table is durable and easy-cleaning enough to be used as a beautiful table - Credit: Flowyline Design

Metal Legs For Live Edge Cookies Tabletop. Why Not?

Adding furnishings using strong metal will enhance your decorating options in some surprising ways. Plus, the beauty of powder-coated metal legs offers some very practical benefits, you can find the advantages of metal furniture via these titles:

106 Namu Bench Legs

Butcher block goes with strong metal will enhance your decorating options in some surprising ways - Credit: 

There are some metal legs that greatly fit your butcher block tables below:

Tulipe Base

121 Tulipe base is for those who like beauty and elegance. 121 Tulipe base  with slender and curvy lines but still ensures certainty for your top table.

121 Tulipe Table Base

Credit: Flowyline Design

Namu Base

106 Namu base is for those who like a unique table leg. The 106 Namu base can go with any shape of the top table: round, square, rectangular, or even free-size thick logs.

106 Namu Bench Legs

Credit: Flowyline Design

Draco Metal Table Legs

Everything has been perfect with this Draco 107 metal table legs, the table legs are stunning, very solid, and excellent value for your money. We would recommend this table legs design to your butcher block countertop.

107 Draco Table Legs

Credit: Flowyline Design

Uzar Metal Table Legs

Uzar 117 metal legs are an ideal choice for those who love unique styles. With a design focused from the top to the end of the legs with a modern look, it will assist you in putting food on and you won't be anxious about wobble.

117 Uzar Bench Legs

Credit: Flowyline Design

The most important element that you should notice is that you need to find table legs that greatly fit your favorite tables.

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