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Story of Our Journey

In the early stages, the journey started with a small team led by Alex and two others, who tackled all tasks from design to product quality improvement with limited manpower.

A major issue was identifying the optimal methods to strengthen metal table legs to support large tabletops without deforming. After two years of overcoming challenges, we have found the ideal techniques to offer high quality DIY metal table legs while ensuring affordability.

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Quality and Design Dedication

Flowyline uses carefully selected materials that resist corrosion and heavy loads over extended periods, offering versatility for a broad range of unique designs. At Flowyline Design, we are constantly working to broaden our steel table legs and table base collections to meet your needs.

Our success keys: relentless effort, 100% handmade table legs, budget-friendly, and superior service.

Uniquely Elegant Craftsmanship Uniquely Elegant Craftsmanship

Uniquely Elegant Craftsmanship

At Flowyline Design, we believe that unique handmade designs are not just items, but a testament to our meticulous craftsmanship. Our passion is reflected in every welded seam and every curve of the metal sheets.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. This is why you’ll find practical features like pre drilled mounting plates and adjustable levelers, which can be swapped with small wheels for mobility and scratch prevention.


We’re proud to be recognized by over 20,000 woodworkers, interior designers, and DIY enthusiasts across the US. Our satisfied customers, who continue to choose and recommend our products, motivate us to improve our metal furniture quality.






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Community Enrichment

As a table legs manufacturer with a global ambition, we prioritize delivering affordable, high-quality products. Our success is driven by customer satisfaction.

Flowyline is proud to be a part of the home decor community, aiming to innovate your interiors. Our journey is not just about business growth, but also about creating hundreds of job opportunities and giving back to society.