Shipping & Returns

1/Normally, we ship within US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe countries. However, with shipments to other countries, please contact us directly so that we can check the shipping cost for you and adjust the listings for your purchase.

You will receive a confirmation email with delivery information once your order has been recorded in our system. Domestic shipping takes 3-7 days for small packages (bench/table legs) and 7-10 days for large bases. The lead times for small packages are approximately 7-10 days and 10-14 days for large bases with international shipments.

With small packages, we use UPS as our major shipping delivery service. With big bases, we are partners with some carriers like ABF, RoadRunner, YRC,...

We apologize if this occurs to you. Please contact us and provide your order number. We will contact our warehouse manager to double-check the shipment, which could take up to 24 hours. If the item goes missing during transit, we must file a claim with the carrier, which could take up to 7 days. If the item is marked as lost, we will resolve the situation as soon as possible.

You can view our return and refund policy by click here

Our Products

Normally we do 2 types of finishing:

Standard color: steel + polishing finished + black powder coating, or
Custom color (gold): stainless steel + polishing + plating.

All our products are finished in matte black powder coating. In case you wish to modify the color of any item, please send us a message and we will send the color options that are available. Please note, the lead time is estimated about 8-10 weeks for a custom order.

We can custom the dimensions of the items to be compatible with the tabletop in your project. Please note, the lead time is estimated about 8-10 weeks for a custom order.

Unfortunately, we don’t copy other designs that is not ours and we can only customize the sizes of our products. We will need your tabletop’s information for drawing 3D mockups of the design you choose. Please note that custom order generally takes about 8 ~ 10 weeks to be made and delivered from Gardena, CA. Kindly contact us via live chat or email beforehand for more details.

Our table legs & bases match various types of tabletop such as wood, glass, stone, granite, quartz, etc. and are designed to support over 500-lb top.

Since the thickness of each tabletop is different, we don't provide any hardware/screw support. "thread nut and bolt" is recommended as a safer way to hold the top of your table. Please check these videos, they are helpful for installing table legs: (C-channel - optional)

Using glass tabletop bumpers: protect the tabletops from skid-proof. They are suitable for both translucent or see-through glass applications, you can stick them between the tabletop and table legs.

Covering mounting plates by rubber: use black rubber sheets to cover all the surfaces of the mounting plates, then place the glass tabletop above. With gravity, rubber will allow the tabletop to stick nicely.

Unsure about measuring table legs and bases? This guide will walk you through standard heights and specific examples to create stable, stylish pieces of furniture.

Read more: Mastering Table Leg Dimensions: A Comprehensive Guide

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