Role at Flowyline

With over two decades of experience working as a metal welder, Alex founded Flowyline Design 5 years ago with a revolutionary approach that metal can be shaped and curved into “flowy” forms as well. During 5 years of running the business, he has gained many loyal customers and recognition around the world, not only for his amazing table legs designs but also for the company’s service.

Current goals

Alex Joo first began his career as a welder in a shipyard company in Korea when he was only 20, where he had the opportunity to learn how to join and shape metal parts for various maritime projects. He was involved in building and repairing ships, submarines, offshore platforms, and other marine structures. During the time working here, he gained valuable experience and skills in metal fabrication and welding. He enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of creating strong and durable ships, but he also felt a creative urge that was not fulfilled by his job.

He was obsessed with the durability and flexibility of metal, which is usually associated with harshness and dullness. He decided to infuse metal with the beauty and diversity of nature, where curves and flows were abundant and harmonious to create something beautiful and charming to treasure in homes. And he thought that tables were the most versatile and practical pieces of furniture that every home needs. This realization motivated him to create metal table legs with fluid and organic shapes to bring functionality and coziness to any table.

More than that, he wanted to create something unique for himself, and the desire to establish his own company was stronger than ever. He made the bold decision to quit the gainful job and embark on his official journey of building his own business. At the very beginning, with just some basic tools and devices, he drafted and bent metal frames into different shapes and forms. He posted photos of the raw legs versions on social media and received positive feedback and encouragement from his friends and followers. This is also where he connected with various experts in the field, not only in his country but also around the world. Some of them even asked him if he was selling his creations, and expressed interest in buying them. His tree-inspired table bases gain a lot of interest among woodworkers, who would love to breathe fresh and rustic life into their wood tabletops. The fantastic curves of his table legs also added a new breeze in the table maker field, which is familiar with straight and simple lines.

After gaining certain support and recognition from partners and customers in the field, he decided to establish Flowyline Design 5 years ago. He first created a website as an online store where he showcased his products as well as blogs to share his stories and experience, as well as DIY tips for customers to know more about his products and Flowyline Design. He also used social media platforms to promote his brand and connect with potential customers. His online presence and marketing strategy paid off, as he attracted more and more customers from different countries and regions.

He was thrilled and grateful for the support and recognition he received from his partners and customers in the field. At the same time, faced some challenges and difficulties, such as shipping, packaging, quality control, and customer service. He realized that he needed help to meet the growing demand for his products. He hired a team of skilled and passionate welders, who shared his vision and enthusiasm. He trained them in his techniques and methods but also encouraged them to express their own creativity and ideas.


With his team of skilled and passionate welders, he was able to expand his product range and offer more options and variations to his customers. He created different collections of table legs, inspired by various themes and motifs. He also welcomed custom orders from customers who had specific requests or preferences. He loved to collaborate with his customers and create unique and personalized pieces for them. He always listened to their feedback and suggestions and strived to improve his products and service.

At Flowyline Design, Alex Joo is not only a designer but also an adviser and a mentor to his team of talented and dedicated craftsmen. He oversees every step of the production process, from sketching to welding to finishing, to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction.