Standard Dining Table Dimensions: The Size Guide

One of the most important pieces to make a house cozier is a dining table. A gorgeous dining piece not only raises the visual appeal of your kitchen but also fashions an inviting nook where we can gather to spend time with our loved ones. Measuring the dining table dimensions is also a needed step in those factors, but the biggest question is how to get the exact dimensions for your dining table. In this blog, we’ll help you to solve this problem easily, at your own home. Now, let’s get started.

Dining Table Size Guide

"What is the right size dining table for my space?" is one of the most common queries we receive. Answers to this question tend to raise further questions. Normally, standard dimensions are used while making most dining tables (from 28 to 31 inches). The layout of the table and the chair sizes are also crucial factors which affect significantly the the seating number of a table.

Norah Metal Table Legs

Norah Metal Table Legs

The design of your dining table will have a significant impact on the entire mood of your dining room, whether you want to create a formal or casual feel.

Though most round and rectangular tables are available in standard sizes, many custom order providers can create a table to your exact specifications.

Rectangular tables

  • Rectangular tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from standard tables for 4-6 people at 2'6" x 5' | 76 x 152 cm to enormous tables for 10–12 people at 4'6" x 10' | 137 x 305 cm.
  • There are several widths and lengths available for rectangular tables that seat six people, ranging from 2'6" to 3' | 76-91 cm and 5'-6' | 152-183 cm.
  • Ten-person rectangular tables range in width from 3'6" to 4'6" | 107-137 cm and in length from 8' to 10' | 244-305 cm.
Rectangle Table

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Round Tables

  • The diameters of round tables vary, ranging from 2'6" | 76 cm for two people to 8' | 244 cm for twelve people.
  • The total diameter of a round table for six people should be between 4' and 4'6" | 122-137 cm.
  • A round table for eight people has to be at least five feet (152 centimeters) in diameter.
round table


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Square Tables

  • Square tables are a common table design that are available in a range of sizes, from huge 8–12 person tables with widths of 6’–8’ | 183-244 cm to two-person tables that are as little as 2’6” | 76 cm.
  • The total width of square tables for four people can range from the least pleasant 3' | 91 cm to the most comfortable 5' | 152 cm.
  • The total width of square tables for eight people ranges from 6' | 183 cm to bigger 8' | 244 cm tables for 8 to 12 people.
square table


Oval Table Sizes

  • Common 4-6 person tables are 2'6" x 5' | 76 x 152 cm, while large 10-12 person tables measure 4'6" x 10' | 137 x 305 cm. Oval tables are available in a variety of sizes and proportions.
  • There are many widths and lengths available for oval tables that seat six people: 2'6"–3' | 76-91 cm and 5'–6' | 152-183 cm.
  • Ten-person oval tables range in width from 3'6" to 4'6" | 107-137 cm and in length from 8' to 10' | 244-305 cm.
Oval Table


When choosing a table, form and height are crucial aspects to take into account. For instance, the measurements needed for square or round tables will differ from those needed for rectangular or oval tables.

dining table sitting guide

Comparatively, there are three different types of table heights: dining (29-31''), counter (36''), and bar (41-41''). It's likely best to maintain with dining height.

Standard Dining Table Dimensions: Guideline

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Choose the Right Dimensions for a 6 Seats Dining Table

Each person needs a minimum of around 24 inches (61cm) to eat comfortably, although some tables and chair designs can allow more people to squeeze in when required.

However, for a comfortable table surface, consider up to 28–30 inches (71-76cm) for more elbow room, especially if you have chairs with armrests or wide seats. In rectangular tables, you also need to calculate an extra 12 inches (30cm) for each end if you want to place seating at the head and foot of the table. You can refer to the article titled 'How to Measure Space for Your Dining Table' to determine the exact size of the dining table

Round dining table size for six

You will need at least 48 to 60 inches in diameter (4–5ft; 122–152cm) to seat six at a round table, working best with a pedestal base. It is possible to create a tight 6-seater round dining table with a diameter of 44–54 inches, but aiming for 54–­60 inches is a more comfortable fit and may even squeeze in eight.

The minimum round dining table size for six calculates to around 55 inches (140cm), although an ideal size would be 72 inches (6ft; 183cm). From about 60 inches (5ft; 152cm), you can start to squeeze in around seven to eight people, and with a minimal table design a 6-foot table could squeeze up to eight or nine when required.

Alva Metal Base

Therefore, Alva metal base would your best choice if you consider a round table.

Square dining table size for six

You will need at least 48 to 60 inches in diameter (4–5ft; 122–152cm) to squeeze in six at a square table (see table measurements for four and eight-seater tables).

Akro Metal Legs

Akro Metal Legs would enhance your square wood top table to a new level and can absolutely brighten up your living space.

Rectangular dining table size for six

It is possible to squeeze six people around a table measuring from 60–72 inches long (5–6ft) and 31–36 inches wide (152cm–183cm x 79–91cm).

Uzar Metal Legs

Uzar Metal Legs & bench legs could easily reach out your expectation.

The minimal eating table size for six people would be 72 x 31 inches (6 feet x 2'6′′; 183 x 76 cm), provided there are no diners at either end. To calculate enough space for diners at the head and foot of the table, the minimum size 79 x 36 inches (6’6″ x 3ft; 198cm x 91cm), although to avoid any overlap in dining settings you would need at least 96 x 55 inches (8ft x 4’6″;  244 x 137cm).

Arlo Metal Table Legs

Arlo Metal Table Legs

Cleo Metal Table Legs

Cleo Metal Table Legs

Choosing the right style and shape for your dining table

Curva Metal Table Legs

Curva Metal Table Legs

In terms of space and intended use, the design of your table is very important. Square or round tables work well in smaller settings and for more private gatherings.

  • Rectangular dining tables are an excellent option if your room is long or narrow or if you just have more area to work with.
  • Square: The most basic table form is the square. These are ideal for small rooms and four people. Our metal table legs for square tables are perfect for brightening any space.
  • Round: Round tables have movable seating choices and frequently have elements that make them oval in shape, like hinged edges or a leaf.

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Standard Height of Dining Table Legs

The standard height of dining table legs can vary based on cultural norms, historical practices, and furniture design trends. It's important to note that these measurements are based on the table's surface height, excluding any tabletop thickness.

Custom Sizes


We can make tables to almost any size. So if you'd like to discuss your space and requirements, please contact us and we'll get back a 3D drawing to you as soon as we can.

You now know all the useful tricks for measuring dining table dimensions and creating a more individualized, harmonious look for your private nook while maintaining adequate room for everyday tasks. You can visit Flowyline’s website to pick a sophisticated item and add stunning and distinctive leg and base designs to your dining table that will wow guests at first glimpse. We appreciate you reading, and have fun decorating!

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