DIY- 5 Easy Steps To Make A Live Edge Table For Beginners

Live Edge Tables are so popular for most woodworkers in the fact that they're both sturdy and elegant. The natural beauty of the wood on the live edge can make many elegant pieces of furniture like dining tables, coffee tables, and bench tables, moreover, it is simply breathtaking.

No matter that live edge tables have been around for a while now, they're still considered trendy pieces of furniture. However, if you have a nice piece of the live-edge slab, you still need to know how to attach metal table legs to make a finished project. 

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In this blog, we'll take a closer look at these instructions on how to attach metal legs to a wonderful live-edge table top. 

What supplies do we need? 

Live Edge Lumber

Metal Table Legs


Router (Optional) 

Bowtie Inlay Kit (Optional)


Epoxy Mixing Tools

Wire Brush/Attachment

Straight Cut Bit

How do we do it?

Step 1: Flattening the slab

The first thing you have to do is flatten the slab. Slabs are commonly used for  dining tables and other furniture so nobody wants a table that isn't in shape. 

Make sure to flatten the entire slab to help your making table process go smoothly. Whether a large slab is twisted even as little as 1 inch, it will be tough to mount to a base.

This task can be done in so many different ways, but for most particular slabs, you need to use a combination of a sander and a router with a sled.

Flattening the slab

Flattening ensures the entire slab will help your making table process go smoothly

Step 2: Cleaning the edges

You have to flatten and sand one more round and then you can spend some time cleaning up the live edge.

It's a good idea to remove the bark and crap from a live edge slab. The bond between the bark and the wood isn't strong at all so it can fall anytime. By flattening the edges of the slab, you can both protect yourself from hand splinters. 

Removing the bark and crap from a live edge slab protects you from hand splinters
Credit: Pinterest

Step 3: Adding Bowties (Optional)

If your slab had a pretty epic crack in it, you can add a few decorative wood bow ties to prevent the crack from spreading even more. Using a router and a bow tie template for this will make such a huge difference for your table. Some people use bow ties to match the slab’s colors while others like the outstanding colors. Feel free to pick any option and make a highlight for your own live-edge table.

If your slab had a pretty epic crack in it, adding a few decorative wood bow ties is an ideal option
Credit: Flowyline Design   
105 Cleo Bench Legs: Here 

Step 4: Installing the metal legs

Guidance: Attach Metal Legs To Live Edge Table Top  

Step 5: Enjoy your result!

After you finish all the previous steps, all you have to do is put on a protective cover such as Odie’s Oil and Rubio Monocoat. They are normally rubbed on and then wiped back off.

Since you finish the oil protection, you’re equal to relax and be proud of your result. It’s time to spend your time on your favorite live-edge table! 

Nothing is better than enjoying and having a cup of coffee on your favorite live-edge table  

The most important element that you should notice is that you need to find table legs that greatly fit your favorite live edge tables.

Nowadays, people prefer metal materials due to their consistency and strength, especially furniture that is required to stay sturdy to help us hold essentials like tables and table legs. Metal table legs offer us a higher capacity with various significant designs so we can pick metal legs for your table.

However, there are many stores that sell metal table legs. If you are wondering where to find a reputable store, then Flowyline Design is the choice for you.

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