live edge table with metal legs

In furniture design, the smallest details can create a big change. One such detail that has gained popularity in recent years is live edge table with metal legs. These unique and natural elements add a touch of rustic charm and elegance to your home decor. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of live edge table legs ideas, exploring their beauty, versatility, and how you can incorporate them into your living spaces.

What Are Live Edge Table Legs?

Live edge coffee table with metal legs are a type of furniture leg that retains the natural, irregular edge of the wood, giving it a raw and organic appearance.

Unlike traditional table legs, which are typically uniform and machine-cut, live edge table legs showcase the natural contours and imperfections of the wood, making each piece truly unique.

live edge table leg ideas

Live edge table legs retain the natural feature of the wood with a raw and organic look.


Table legs for live edge table has been used to describe a theme and genre of wood furniture making, wood art, and products. It is also a type of woodworking in which the artist incorporates the live edge of the wood into the final product.

There are over 60,000 wood species, how to choose the right one for a live edge table?

Black walnut, Cherry, and Claro walnut are ideal options but old-growth Redwood within the USA is the most stable. Each species has its limitations, so finding a custom furniture maker specializing in metal table legs for live edge table will help.

More specifically, tables from black walnut, cherry, and claro walnut are durable and coordinate easily with hues of any color, allowing them to blend seamlessly into your space, whether accent pillows or area rugs.

live edge table base ideas

Live edge table legs offer aesthetic appeal and versatility


Why Choose Live Edge Table Legs?

There are so many types, right? But why do people like live-edge tables with metal legs so much? There are some easy-to-understand benefits, as follows:

  • Unique appearance: The irregular shape of the live edge table eliminates the boredom often found in ordinary table tops. It's different because no two pieces are exactly the same! This imperfection is the highlight that makes many people crazy about them.
  • Natural rustic beauty: The organic shapes and patterns of the wood evoke a sense of nature and tranquility, like bringing a piece of the outdoors into your home.
  • Flexible coordination ability: You can use these table legs for a variety of purposes, including dining tables, coffee tables, and desks. Whenever you get excited and want to change its location, it will be easy to do so.

DIY Live Edge Table With Metal Legs

Tools and Materials

  • Live edge wood slab
  • Metal legs
  • Protective finish
  • Polyurethane or another wood finish
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver or screw gun
  • Sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Brushes or rags
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood filler, furniture wax or oil (optional)

Prepare the Live Edge Slab

Prepare a high-quality live edge table
Prepare a high-quality live edge wood slab
Credit: Flowyline Design

Choose a high-quality live edge wood slab, with a striking pattern and unique edges that is properly dried and has been properly treated for imperfections. Then, smooth the surface by manual sanding or using a sander. And finally, apply a protective finish, such as polyurethane, to enhance the wood's natural grain and protect it from damage.

Choose Your Favorite Metal Leg

choose table legs
Choose metal legs that match your needs
Credit: Flowyline Design

You can make it yourself or buy it at an online or offline store, as long as it has the design and quality you want. Be sure to choose legs that match the size and shape of the tabletop and can withstand its heavy load.

Attach the Metal Legs

attach the table legs
Attach the metal legs to the live edge table
Credit: Flowyline Design

If the table legs you buy already have pre-drilled holes for mounting plates, installation will be much easier. But what if there aren't? Flip the live edge slab upside down. Line up the metal legs with your desired placement and mark the screw holes. Finally, secure the legs with appropriate screws or bolts, ensuring a sturdy connection.

Final Touches

final check
Final check after completion of installation
Credit: Flowyline Design

After installation is complete, check one last time to see if it is wobbly or if there are any missing screws. This is the final step, and you can enjoy the results now! Put it in your favorite corner and enjoy.

Incorporating Live Edge Table Legs into Your Decor

Dining Tables

Live edge dining table with metal legs can become the centerpiece of your dining room. Pair it with simple, modern chairs for a striking contrast, or opt for upholstered chairs for a more traditional look.

Coffee Tables

For your living room, consider a live edge coffee table with metal legs. It adds warmth and character to the space, making it more inviting and cozy.

Desks and Workspaces

Working from home? A live edge desk legs can transform your workspace into a place of inspiration and creativity.

Maintenance Tips for Live Edge Tables with Metal Legs

Here are some tips for maintaining your favorite live-edge table legs that help prolong their lifespan:

  • Understand how to clean: You should dust and wipe your table legs regularly with mild detergent and water. Every few months, check to see if there are small scratches or dents on the live edge. If so, use fine-grit sandpaper to fill, followed by a touch-up with a matching wood finish or oil.
  • Prevent scratches: Use coasters or placemats to protect the wood from heat, moisture, and scratches. Avoid placing heavy or rough objects directly on the table.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the wood to fade. You should consider placing them under the eaves to reduce the harmful effects of direct sunlight.
  • Check for stability: Schedule regular tests and tighten screws or bolts on the metal legs to ensure your table remains stable and secure.
  • Monitor humidity: Extreme temperature and humidity changes can cause wood to warp or split. So, remember to keep the table in a space with the right temperature.

Some Live Edge Table Leg Ideas for Your DIY Project

1. Curva Metal Table Legs

metal table legs for live edge table
Stylized metal table legs for a sturdy look
Credit: Flowyline Design

2. Hoshi Metal Table Base

table legs for live edge table
310 Hoshi 28H heavy duty furniture legs
Credit: Flowyline Design

3. Haru Metal Table Legs

metal legs for live edge dining table
H shape dining table legs
Credit: Flowyline Design

4. Dentro Metal Table Base

metal legs for live edge dining table
304 Dentro 28H table base
Credit: Flowyline Design

5. Arco Metal Table Base

live edge desk legs

305 Arco 28H steel furniture legs
Credit: Flowyline Design
Shop now: Arco Metal Table Base

6. Hatty Metal Table Legs

live edge dining table legs

414 Hatty modern desk legs
Credit: Flowyline Design
Shop now: Hatty Metal Table Legs

7. Akro Metal Table Legs

Akro Metal Table Legs
Metal handmade dining table legs
Credit: Flowyline Design

8. Xeni Metal Table Legs

Xeni Metal Table Legs

421 Xeni 28H X shape metal dining furniture
Credit: Flowyline Design
Shop now: Xeni Metal Table Legs

9. Cleo Metal Table Legs

Cleo Metal Table Legs

443 Cleo 16H for woodworking
Credit: Flowyline Design
Shop now: Cleo Metal Table Legs

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Live edge table with metal legs offer a unique and captivating way to enhance your home decor. With their natural beauty, versatility, and ability to infuse rustic charm into any space, they are a must-have addition for those looking to create a distinctive interior ambiance. To choose best legs for live edge table, add to your cart our products today and sign up for emails to receive special offers.

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