Best Metal Table Legs for Dining Tables

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about tables and table leg design, but there are so many types of table legs, you may not realize how important table legs are to your interior design when considering their role in the functionality of the space. 

There are many types of tables, one for every purpose: coffee tables, end tables, accent tables, dining tables, patio tables, board room & conference room tables, and so many others. Tables can be just as decorative as they are functional, and one way to spruce up your design is using beautiful TABLE LEGS.

Furniture Legs and Table Legs do more than hoist up the table; they set the tone for the design and give the piece its unique identity and purpose. Choosing the right table legs is important not only to ensure that you are providing enough strength and stability for the intended use of the furniture but also to add value and guarantee the overall quality.

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Here in this guide, you’ll learn the key factors to consider when designing and constructing tables!

Choose Your Interior Style

Tables are among the most used furniture pieces in any interior and they are usually the centerpiece of the room. 

Thus, choosing the right table legs requires taking a step back and taking a broader approach in thinking of the overall interior style and purpose. There are a lot of styles out there to choose from, but which one are you trying to achieve? Which is your favorite? Or which style fits your interior design? Whether traditional, contemporary, or wildly original and unique, the right table legs will really bring your design together.

Mid-Century interior style with Yami metal table legs

Metal Table Legs for Walnut Table Tops

Table Height

The height of your table will pretty much determine what it is to be used for. What kind of table are you looking for? Work desk? Dining Table? Standing height work bench? Identifying the purpose of your desk will aid in determining the proper height. 

For instance, a regular dining table is usually 30 inches high while coffee tables are more like 16 inches to 18 inches. Work desks can run a little lower or a little higher depending on who will be using the desk, but typically run about 28” to 30” high. Paying attention to these details will guarantee the table has the perfect height and the right legs to match.Metal Table Legs for Square Table Tops

Curva Metal Table Legs

Leg Thickness and Weight

For this part you have to consider the tabletop. Thin tabletops made of glass or thin stone pair well with thinner, more delicate table legs (assuming they are within the weight capacity of the legs). Thicker tabletops call for a sturdier and thicker leg to fit the design and to add more support. 

Be sure to factor in how much weight each table leg supports. If you are building a table with a really thick wood top you have to make sure the legs can support all the weight, plus any added weight that may go on top of it. So always look for the total weight each leg can handle. The best table designs have a nice, harmonious relationship between the custom top and the legs that fits the style and the demands for usage.Metal Table Legs 28 Inch High

Leg thickness ( Haru metal table legs)

Leg weight ( Haru metal table base)

Now That You've Gotten This Far...

So how many legs do you need? You might think that all tables have FOUR legs, one for each corner of the table. Makes sense, but that is not always the case. Depending on the design and the size of the table, you may even get away with two legs if they are dual legs or have additional supports adding to the structural integrity. Or suppose you have a peninsula table coming off the wall or off the edge of a larger table or countertop – that may only require one leg even. Here are some examples:Metal Table Legs for Large Tables

Curva Metal Table Legs

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