5 Metal Table Legs Ideas for Your Accent Tables

The phrase “accent table legs” is often used to describe console table legs and sofa table legs. But because this phrase is more about function than form, it can also refer to a side table, coffee table, or cocktail table,

These are 5 ideas about metal table legs for accent tables that are functional, stylish and versatile, and they make the perfect addition to your home. You can shop for table legs in a particular shape or color, or find a leg for an accent table to match your look from our wide range of options.

accent table

Types of Accent Table Legs

1.Coffee Table Legs: 

Low table legs typically placed in front of the sofa, coffee table legs are an easy place to set remotes, magazines and books, as well as an essential piece of furniture for your living room. At Flowyline Design, you'll find coffee table legs in a full range of sizes and designs. 

coffee table legs
2. Console Table Legs or Entryway Table Legs: 


Taller than coffee table legs and with narrower tabletops, console table legs sometimes called entryway table legs look stylish nestled against the wall. Use it as a functional surface behind a sofa or to create beautiful storage in your entryway.

side table
3. End Table Legs: 


Smaller and with less surface area than coffee table legs and console table legs, end table legs are usually used at the end of a bigger piece of furniture. The table legs can either match the height of the sofa or chair arm by which they're placed or sit slightly lower.

coffee table


4. Side Table Legs:


As the name suggests, side table legs generally reside on the side of the room, away from the main table but still near the sofa, chaise lounge or any armchairs in the space. Small in size, these tables are more similar to an end table than to a coffee table and are more than just living room furniture; they're also ideal as a bedroom, home office. Plus, many of our table legs can also be grouped together to create a bigger surface as needed.

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5. Accent Table Legs Suitable Table Shapes and Styles
  • Legs for Rectangular Style : A classic coffee table style, rectangular table legs fit perfectly with larger sofas. Square: Square coffee tables are effortlessly stylish and are a great complement to smaller sofas and sectionals.
sofa and coffee table

  • Legs for Round Table : Modern in design, these tables are a perfect fit for contemporary homes. Round coffee tables are also a great solution for smaller living rooms, as they take up less space.
resin table

  • Legs for Oval or any shape of tabletop: An alternative to round tables, oval tables tend to be longer and are a good fit for larger living rooms.No matter what your furniture style, you'll find just the right accent table legs for your space. Choose from a variety of table options. 
live edge coffee table

Other Occasional Table Legs We Offer

In addition to accent table legs style, Flowyline Design also offers a full range of other furniture. Our accent table legs are great for adding to any space that needs an extra surface. To create a beautiful entryway or for a surface behind a sofa, try our console tables. Whether you choose one table or mix and match various styles, you'll create a beautiful space with our selection of occasional table legs. Find the perfect table for your living room, bedroom or wherever you need to add an extra surface. Shop our selection of accent table legs. www.flowylime.com

At Flowyline, we provide metal table legs/bases and specialize in custom any metal table bases/legs that can absolutely meet your requirement.

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