Metal Table Legs for Burl Table

Burlwood is a type of fast-growing, abnormal growth found in some trees. That is to say; the tree experiences environmental stress or damage. Whether a fungal, viral, or attack by insects. With most burls hidden underground. These hidden treasures can have various patterns such as lace redwood, birds-eye maple, redwood burl, curly redwood, marbling, or black walnut curl.

Although burls happen in trees worldwide, we prefer to use highly figured burl wood slabs found in the USA’s Pacific Northwest.

Some of the more popular are Redwood Burl, Bigleaf Maple Burl, and Claro Walnut Burl, but it can also be pricey as burl happens in only 5% to 10% of trees.

Let's take a look through 5 best ideas of metal table legs that make Burl Table Top even more alluring


1. Wishbone Metal Table Legs

Bulrwood can work together with epoxy to remain its beautify surface. Only the simplicity from Wishbone table legs that can make the overall table stand out completely.

Wishbone Metal Table LegsWishbone Metal Legs

2. Radix Coffee Table Legs

These metal legs are gorgeous with a smooth line and wonderfully built when it comes to the burl table top

Radix Metal Coffee Table LegsRadix Coffee Table Metal Legs

3. Xeni Metal Legs

Need some more ideas for coffee table? Try this Xeni design. Well-constructed and interesting design, you will be surprised at how much these metal table legs perfectly pair with the burl coffee tables.

Xeni Metal Coffee Table LegsXeni Metal Legs

4. Yami Metal Legs

This Yami design together with a burl tabletop makes a really well match-up. This piece of art brings you a picture of a beautiful tree in the jungle.

Yami Table LegsYami Coffee Table Metal Legs 

5. Hatty Metal Table Legs

This metal table legs is extraordinary. You will absolutely love this inspiring work of art, furthermore, the Hatty design should level up your house with the burlwood top on.

Hatty Metal Table LegsHatty Metal Legs

If you want to customize the legs to suit your tabletop or your bench, We're ready to help you. Live chat with us at or leave your email for a 3D drawing. 

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