How to build an outdoor bar table

Do you want to eat, drink, and chat in the middle of your sunny garden? Why not dress it up with this simple outdoor bar table? With just a little time, effort, and a few easy-to-find tools, you will be able to build your own outdoor bar table. This article will show you how to build an outdoor bar table and suggest suitable metal table legs for the bar table.

Why Should You Build an Outdoor Bar Table?

Catering for entertainment: An outdoor bar table creates a perfect spot for entertaining guests, allowing you to host gatherings, parties, and casual get-togethers in a comfortable natural setting.

Easy to DIY: It's never been easier to assemble your favorite outdoor bar table with wood and available table legs. By following our step by step guide, you will quickly enjoy the results you desire.

Great for small spaces: Since bar tables are taller than standard coffee tables and have a narrower width, they give the illusion of larger space.

Good for tall people: Maybe few people care about this benefit... But it's true! Tall people like to stand to eat, for example, during quick breakfasts.

Enjoy a great view: Bar tables provide a better view of their surroundings, helping you enjoy whether it's morning coffee, evening cocktails, or simply relaxing outside.

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    Tools and Materials

    • Wooden planks (choose weather-resistant wood like cedar or teak)

    • Medium and fine grit sandpaper

    • Wood screws, wood glue, wood stain or sealant

    • Paintbrushes

    • Pre-made bar table legs

    • Electric drill with screwdriver bits

    • Measuring tape

    • Pencil

    • Safety gear (gloves, goggles)

    • Circular saw or hand saw

    • Sander or sanding block

    • Clamps

    Based on the available outdoor space, you will determine the desired size of the bar table. Suppose you don't have much space and you just want to build a simple bar for two people. Here are the detailed instructions:

    Step 1: Measure and Cut the Wooden Planks

    diy outdoor bar table
    Cut the wooden planks to the dimensions you desire
    Credit: @valentynsemenov on Canva

    A bar table for two typically measures around 24 inches to 30 inches wide and 36 inches to 40 inches long. For this guide, we’ll use 30 inches wide by 36 inches long.

    If you want to use 6-inch wide planks, you need to cut 5 planks to 36 inches long. With 8-inch wide planks, 4 planks to 36 inches long are needed. Use a pencil and measuring tape to mark the cutting lines on the planks for greater accuracy.
    Then, use a circular saw or hand saw to cut along the marked lines so that they are straight.

    Step 2: Sand the Wooden Planks

    how to build an outdoor bar table

    Sand the edges and surfaces of the wooden planks
    Credit: @Изображения пользователя SERSOL on Canva

    Sand the edges and surfaces of the planks with medium grit sandpaper (80-120 grit) to smooth rough areas. Next, use fine grit sandpaper (180-220 grit) for a smooth finish.

    Step 3: Assemble the Tabletop

    Assemble the tabletop with wood glue
    Credit: @alblec on Canva


    After sanding, gather and arrange the planks side by side to form the tabletop. Apply wood glue along the edges of the planks, clamp them together, and let it dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions, usually around 24 hours.

    Step 4: Drill Holes

    diy outdoor bar height table

    Drill hole screws along the edges of the tabletop
    Credit: @Dvoinik on Canva

    Once the glue is dry, you strengthen the tabletop by drilling pilot holes and driving wood screws through the edges of the planks. Remember to space the screws along the edges of the tabletop with the space about every 6-8 inches to ensure stability.

    Step 5: Finish the Tabletop

    wood stain or sealer

    Use a wood stain or sealer to protect the tabletop
    Credit: @Valery Voennyy on Canva

    Apply a wood stain or sealant to protect the tabletop from harmful environmental elements, such as temperature, moisture, UV radiation, insects and pests, mold and dirt.

    Step 6: Attach the Metal Table Legs

    attach table legs to tabletop
    Attach metal table legs to the tabletop
    Credit: Flowyline Design

    Position the bar table legs at the bottom of the tabletop. Mark and drill the locations of the screw holes on the tabletop. Then, just attach the legs using screws and tighten them securely and you're done.

    Step 7: Test Before Using

    test for safety and sturdiness before use
    Test for safety and sturdiness before use
    Credit: Flowyline Design

    Double-check to ensure all screws are tight and the table is stable. Then, place the table on a flat surface to check if it wobbles. If so, adjust the legs or add shims as needed. Done! Mix a cocktail and enjoy your new bar table right now!


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    DIY outdoor bar table legs
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    DIY outdoor bar height table simply
    Standard DIY outdoor bar height table
    Credit: Flowyline Design

    Now you know how to build an outdoor bar table simply and quickly. You can visit our bar table legs collection, or contact us at for custom support according to your DIY project. Get ready to come up with unique ideas, buy necessary tools and items, start doing them, and enjoy your dream bar table right away!

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