Bar Height Table Legs | 5 Design Ideas

Bar tables are dining tables deriving their names from commercial restaurant furniture used in bars. Some designs have become adopted as home furnishings in the United States. The terms bar table are not used consistently; however, some standards have been established by the United States furniture industry. Bar tables are sometimes called "tall pub tables."

Bar Height Table Legs are very popular with bars, cafes, and night clubs. They are great to use at social events where people are moving around a lot. Bar-height tables allow guests to stand and socialize while also providing a place to put their drink and food. If parties aren’t really “your thing”, bar-height tables are also great for small patios and are perfect as a dining table for small eat-in kitchens. Their tall, narrow design gives an illusion of added room height, while only using a few feet of space.

Bar Height Table Legs

The standard height for a bar in the United States is 42 inches.  This is the perfect height for a 30 inch bar stool.  You want 12 inches of clearance between the top of the bar stool and the top of the bar.  If you are much taller than the average person and you really prefer taller bar stools, you could consider making your home bar taller but for public spaces, there really is no reason to break the standard.  If you are incorporating high boy tables, you will need table bases around 40.5 inches so that it is 42 inches when you add the table.

Bar Height Table Legs

For homes that are building a counter, you may want to do 42 inches but that will be kind of high and may block your view of the rest of the room from the kitchen.  Most kitchens use 36 inch counters and those pair well with 24 inch counter stools.  There are also counters at diners and grills that have 36 inch counters.  They will typically use a 24 inch stool.

Using a 30 inch bar stool is safer than using a taller bar stool,  With the standard being 30 inches, people are used to 30 inches and when they get off a bar stool they know where the ground is going to be.  If you use a 34 inch bar stool, you may have a few extra people stumble when trying to get off the stool.

Browse our growing selection of bar height metal table legs for high top tables in your business, restaurant or home application. Many of our bar height table legs can be cut to custom heights for your project. Here are 5 Design Ideas for Bar Table Legs.

1. Arlo Metal Table Legs

Arlo Metal Table Legs made of steel. To create a feeling of modern style, the design is wide at the bottom and smaller at the top. Suitable for bar/counter height tables, standing desks, console tables, and more.

Arlo Metal Table Legs

2. Xeni Metal Table Legs

The Xeni Metal Table Legs are beautiful, exactly to the specs that Flowyline Design developed for you. They are simply stunning. If you are looking for bar table legs that are unique, well-made, and beautiful, you can't go wrong. 

Xeni Metal Table Legs

3. Draco Metal Table Legs

Excellent Draco Metal Table Legs look very stylish.Excellent from start to finish. We would definitely recommend this design for your bar table.

Draco Metal Table Legs

4. Curva Metal Table Legs

This Curva Metal Table Legs will look great on your bar table, they are sturdy and durable. Powder coat is well done with an even finish and solid adhesion.

Curva Metal Table Legs

5. Haru Metal Table Legs

The Haru Metal Table Legs or other table legs from Flowyline Design were super easy to install. You will so impressed with the look on your new bar table or even desk table, dining table,.... very beautiful and sturdy legs.

Haru Metal Table Legs

Custom Height Table Legs allow you to select whatever height you have deemed appropriate for your table and are ideal for extreme conditions such as very short or very tall users. Flowyline Design offers custom height desk legs or table legs, be ready to wait a bit longer for them than you would other metal table legs. The trade-off however, is a desk perfectly suited to your needs.

We're available for helping you if you wish to adapt the legs to fit your tabletop or bench. Live chat on with us or leave your email for a 3D drawing email.

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