Curva concole metal table legs, for live-edged top

Wood, in all its wobbly glory, was the go-to choice for table legs for years. And then metal came around and hit it straight out of the ground. Steel and iron have been around a long time, but it took them years to break down wood’s hegemony over the table furniture market.

Here’s why metal table legs are worth the hype.


You have to look at the overall costs associated with other materials when buying legs. They might come cheap upfront, but can anyone claim the same for their upkeep?

If you’ve spent a good part of your life sitting at a wooden table, you must know how high maintenance it can be. You probably had to switch it out for wood veneers at some point. The repair work is another saga altogether.

We aren’t comparing because there isn’t anything to compare. Not only are the upfront costs of metal legs low, but they can also last you a lifetime with minimum maintenance.

Namu metal table base for dining table


Why should you have to tiptoe around your own furniture? Walking on eggshells because dragging a table around might make it rickety shouldn’t even be a concern, and they aren’t, as long as you have designer metal table legs.

As long as your tabletops have a steel base, no amount of skid and drag can loosen their screws.

A Wooden Tabletop Supported by Metal Legs


There are no fine lines between cozy and stylish. A place can be one or other, or as we like to say, woody or steely.

No matter how hard you try, wooden legs can only cement one viewpoint. It can only make the onlooker feel like they have stepped back in time because it can’t erase its deep-rooted history with our ancestors.

Metal has a modern feel to it. Wrought iron, despite being used to fortify and gate castles, is associated with gothic. Similarly, steel and iron are individually seen as modern fixtures.

Look at it this way: you can make a white-themed apartment look upscale with metal, but it will look at least ten years older if you pair it with wood.

 Flowyline Design Dentro metal table base - cozy look


The low-cost way of ensuring durability is to check if a material is strong enough to weather the elements inside your house. Handmade metal table legs are unaffected by humidity stemming from heating, you can leave them wet without worrying about rot, and can stay unchanged for years without wearing down.
The strength and steadfastness of metals is what makes them so special.

Haru metal table legs for epoxy top

Own Brand New Designer Metal Table Legs

Your tabletop will be safe with metal legs, and you, sorry, for missing out on them. We suggest you give them a try, starting with iron console table legs and making your way up to larger bases.

If you’d like something from our classic sets, we highly recommend checking it for size, as it might not fit your space. If so, put in a custom request.

For anything else, feel free to get in touch.

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