4 Best Materials for Table Design

When designing a table, one of the most important considerations to keep in mind is the material. The material you choose should not only be durable and sturdy, but its color and texture must also match the theme you have in mind.

To make sure that you choose the right material for your table design, you should consider all the best ones and pick the one that’ll give you the perfect final look. Here are the four best materials you can choose from when designing a table for your house.


Wooden tables require extra care and attention, but they’re the most famous material used for tables. From mahogany to maple, wood comes in different colors and textures. You should choose one that will work well with the other interior design elements of the house. A wooden table is a classic and timeless choice that you can never wrong with.


Iron is one of the most versatile materials when it comes to furniture design. It can easily be molded into different shapes and can be made into both intricate and simplistic designs. Iron tables are particularly famous for being durable while being aesthetically pleasing.


Glass is a popular material used for tabletops. It’s clear, transparent look gives the illusion of a space being larger and more open. People also use a variety of translucent sticker designs, glazed, and carved glass tops, depending on the theme of their room.


Like iron, steel and brass are also famous choices in metallic materials for tables. They are also easily molded and give a royal, luxurious look to the table. The sturdy feel of these materials can be used to add substance to both the table’s top and its base.

Dark steel works especially well in contemporary themes. On the other hand, muted gold-colored brass is especially popular for both antique and modern themes. 

small plant on a wooden tabletop with a steel table base.

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The material you choose for your table will end up determining its final look. Pick a material that works best with the rest of the interior design elements of your house.

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