Unique Metal Table Legs for Dining Room

Metal furniture has recently become an interesting topic in facility planning and design.

Once considered too utilitarian in style, contract metal furniture has developed a fresh surge in popularity for a variety of reasons including durability and cleanability. While wood furniture will always remain a popular option, here are the top five reasons to consider metal furniture for your group living, healthcare or camp environments:

1. Believe it or not, it has great style! 

Metal furniture manufacturers have worked hard to create furniture that combines both form and function. Natural colors that are reminiscent of wood and laminate drawer faces can transform a basic piece of metal furniture into something indistinguishable from wood furniture aesthetically.

2. Cleanability and pest management.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that metal furniture does not deter bed bugs any better than wood furniture, but metal furniture does allow easier clean up and tolerates pest fighting chemicals better than wood due to its less absorbent surface. Metal furniture has bends, folds and board areas that still offer pests like bed bugs a place to hide so it is by no means bed bug or pest proof but with proper inspection and maintenance metal furniture can be a useful component of a pest management plan.

3. It’s got spirit & style!

While most metal furniture is designed to mimic or blend in with wood furniture, metal can also be a great statement as part of a team or school spirit color design. Standard primary color options or custom match paints are easy to achieve on metal furniture since metal does not have the variations and graining of wood. Painted metal surfaces are consistent and easy to standardize for any color scheme.

4. Extreme durability.

Metal furniture is a work horse of the contract furniture market. Metal furniture can tolerate extreme use which makes it perfect for any group living environment – especially dormitory and transient housing applications. Metal beds and bunk beds are durable and cleanable. Metal case pieces can include underbed storage, night stands, and chests of drawers. Metal’s finishes are well-sealed so with proper care metal beds and case pieces can withstand punctures, drink rings and general heavy use. What’s more, if the finish ever gets damaged, do-it-yourself patch kits can create a like-new look in very little time.

5. It’s affordable.

While good-quality metal furniture might have a higher sticker price than wood equivalents, you can expect metal furniture to last 10 – 15 years or longer.  Many metal furniture collections have warranties that will cover normal use for ten years or more. Metal furniture may require a larger up-front investment but the replacement cycle is less frequent.

Metal furniture is popping up in a lot of places that traditionally use wood furniture.  Metal beds and case pieces can be combined to create a highly durable, highly functional living space for group living environments.

The Benefits of Metal Table Legs Furniture

Spirit and Style

Metal Table Legs Furniture have spirit and thus could be easily arranged to create a theme. They are also available in a variety of styles and designs.

Unique Metal Table Legs for Dining Room

Safety and Strength 

Metal Table Legs Furniture is safe. They are fireproof, easily guarded against theft in their sturdiness and strength. Unlike other materials like wood or plastic, They have greater carry and bearing capacity and would hardly ever give way to weight or burden.

Metal Table Legs for Accent Tables

Easy Maintenance and Pest Management

Metal Table Legs Furniture are quite easy to clean and manage. This is little or no risk of termites, bedbugs, cockroaches etc using the corners or spines of this furniture as a safe haven.

Metal Table Legs for Console Tables

Durability and Long Life

It takes a lot for metal to break, there is no fear of metal chirping away unlike wood or plastic. Thus, metal table legs furniture is long lasting and durable.

Metal Table Legs for Conference Table

High Utilization of Space and Environmentally Friendly

Metal Table Legs Furniture are lithe and simple in design, they invariably consume less office space, unlike their wooden counterpart. They are also environmentally friendly since they involve the use of whose sum parts without requiring the felling trees, glue, and adhesives which can have lasting effects as pollutants.

Mid Century Metal Table Legs Design

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