gold brass metal table legs

Spray paint is used on metal for a variety of purposes, including decorating a metalworking project, renewing the color on your car’s wheel wells, or even sealing your grill against rust, provided the spray paint is rated for very high temperatures. At Flowyline Design, our metal table legs are hand-crafted handmade created with modern aesthetics and design in mind and can match very well with various styles and materials of your own table and benchtop. Our standard finish is black matte powder coat, we also do the custom color silver and gold with both matte and polish. 

With this in mind, it is important that you choose spray paint that is designed for use on metal. Otherwise, it won’t have the same adhesion and may simply chip or flake off.


Things you should know before painting on a metal surface.

First, you need to know the length of the area you need to spray paint. This will help you to purchase the cans that are required for the painting. For every 8 to 10 square feet, you need one spray can. By this, you can get an idea of how many cans are needed to spray the paint.

Plan your spray painting outdoors, and also it requires moderate climatic conditions. The humidity needs to be less than eighty percent, and the temperature needs to be above fifty degrees Fahrenheit. It will be best to choose a day that the winds are calm.


Preparation process

In this task, you are using spray paint. For this, you need to wear a mask or a respirator that will protect you from harmful chemicals present in the paint. Sometimes, it is necessary to apply a primer. It is a primary and fundamental step. Before applying the primer:
1. Take a brush and clean the surface to ensure any loose paint particles are shed off.
2. Once you have done this, clean the surface with a wet cloth to remove any dust particles.
3. Do this process until there are no signs of dust.
Let it dry before applying the primer.

Things to look for before buying

• Style variety
• Return policy
• Color selection


1/ KrylonCOLORmaxx – Best spray paint for metal

This is a wrecking ball spray type can. This spray can is well suitable to paint the metal table legs surfaces. This spray can have black color paint that looks well on metal surfaces, and it can also be used on wrought iron products. This spray can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. You can also use this spray for many other crafting projects.


2/Rust-Oleum Metallic – best spray paints

This spray can come in a variety of colors. But red, grey and copper colors are best. It comes at a high price. It is also weather resistant. This spray can be used on metal surfaces and also on other surfaces. This paint prevents the surface from moisture and protects it from rust.


3/Montana Cans BLACK – metal spray paint

It is best designed for graffiti artists. Not only for graffiti workers, but it can also be used on metal legs surfaces. It provides dusty black bolt, buckles or latches finishes. This can come in a small size. So it can be used for most of the projects that are small in size.


4/Krylon Fusion Rose Gold – Spray paint


Specific designs like drawer pull look great when they are painted in rose gold color. This spray can be best for the surfaces where your thick rose gold color is the only option. Not only rose gold, but you can also choose different colors. It comes in both textured and hammered finishes.

5/Krylon Shimmer Metallic – Spray paint

This spray can is often chosen on non-metal surfaces to look like metal surfaces. It will be sturdy when it is applied to metal surfaces. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. This spray can is available in various colors.

At Flowyline, we can help you out. We are metal table legs/bases manufacturers and specialize in custom any metal table bases/legs that can absolutely meet your requirement.

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