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Small space dining can be hard to find at normal furniture stores, but here at Flowyline Design we specialize in dining and have a large selection of small space table legs. Whether you’re looking for dining furniture for an apartment, condo, or simply have a small kitchen where you’d like to add a dining area, here are some things to consider when looking for small scale furniture to fit your needs.


How to Expand Dining Room Tables?

When living in a small space, you will need to think about dining table ideas for small spaces. Creating more room in your home might give you a hard time. However, you can have an easier time with some creative storage options or multi-purpose furniture.

Fortunately, there are two styles of tables that allow you to save space and create more accessible storage without sacrificing style; expandable dining tables, drop-leaf tables or coffee tables.

Using an expandable dining table offers an excellent way to make the most of your tiny dining area. The stylish yet functional table can act as a large dining room table, or it can easily fold in half and become two smaller tables—excellent for hosting parties and small get-togethers. It’s perfect if you need extra seating but don't have enough floor space. You can also use the new additional space for an extra kitchen prep area, decorations, or hobby area.


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This Cleo metal table legs design can be used for your dining tables, drop-leaf tables or coffee tables.

Cleo Metal Table LegsCleo Metal Table Legs


What Shape of Table Works Best For Small Spaces?

It depends- If you’re planning on keeping the table up against a wall, a drop leaf table or a small square or rectangle are ideal. If you’d like your table to be in the center of the space, small round tables work well.

A uzar table base for a round table fits perfectly in this smaller space. It rounds out the room nicely without being overbearing. You can make the idea of displaying cookbooks, favorite wines or foodie accessories on an open bookcase for a fresh dining room look. It helps keep the room open, while providing much needed storage space.

metal table base

Uzar Metal Table Base


What are common sizes of small space tables?

  • Small square tables can be 30x30, 36x36, or 42x42.
  • The smallest rectangular tables are usually 30 or 36 inches wide by about 48 inches long. Small round tables can be as small as 30 inches in diameter.
  • Other common sizes are 36 or 42 inches in diameter.
  • Drop Leaf tables come in a variety of round and square sizes- a common size is about 26 inches wide by 40 inches long when the drop leaves are down, and 40x40 square or round when the leaves are up.


What styles do small space dining sets come in? 

Most small space tables are made of wood in a variety of finishes and paints. Most styles are also available at counter height for high dining options. There are several custom order options available as well, in wood, metal and glass, ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Small spaces can be a challenge to furnish, but with a huge selection and variety of sizes and styles.

What are the best table legs for a small dining room?

  • Yami Metal table legs

  • Your family lives in a tiny home and they make do with a small circular table when it comes to meals. This small Yami metal table legs design is suitable for almost circular tables or any shape of small table . Not only does it look airy and roomy, but no one looks cramped when they’re sitting in it!

    Metal Table Legs


  • Uzar Metal Table Base
  • You may want to consider a pedestal table if you find your home limited in space. This Uzar table base style may not call for much legroom beneath them; however, this has a sturdy enough foundation to avoid wobbling and tipping.


  • Xeni Metal table legs
  • The same quality, the best packaging/shipping and the price for Xeni metal table legs is a true value.

    Xeni Table Legs


  • Uzar Metal Table Legs
  • Uzar Metal Table Legs can use for small dining room, small living room or even anywhere at your home, which their unique and modern style, It’s should be your best choice

     metal coffee table legs


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