Metal Table Legs for Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Patio Furniture

The outdoor patio furniture allows you to comfortably spend countless hours outside with family and friends. When shopping for patio furniture, there are several different factors that should be considered to ensure an optimal configuration on your patio or deck. How many people will use the furniture and how they will be using it are key questions to answer when shopping for outdoor furniture. Once you've gathered your thoughts and have a general sense of what you need, it's time to examine and decide on the different types of table legs for patio furniture available.

However, patio furniture is a unique thing, as it’s been made with materials and manufacturing processes that mean it can withstand the outdoors and last a lot longer.

When you think about what the average piece of patio furniture goes through, you’ll see why it has its own class.

Therefore, patio furniture has to be prepared.

The average piece of outdoor furniture will be made of weather-resistant materials, be tough against corrosion, durable enough to stay firmly in place and not get blown away, and maybe even have extra processes it goes through, like waterproofing or UV protection coating, to give it more of a chance for survival.

Choosing patio furniture outdoors is a no-brainer, otherwise, you’ll end up replacing it a lot sooner than you’d like to.

At Flowyline Design, we have all metal table legs with strong powder coating that can withstand the outdoors and last a lot longer, be tough against corrosion, created with modern aesthetics and design in mind and can match very well with various styles and materials of your own tabletop for Patio Outdoor.

Here Are 5 Best Legs for Outdoor Patio Furniture

Curva Metal Table Legs for Outdoor Patio Furniture

Looking to utilize your table legs or desk legs for your table as a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors? Curva metal table legs are designed with comfort in mind so you can spend hours relaxing and unwinding outdoors.

Metal Table Legs for Outdoor Furniture

Draco Metal Table Legs for Outdoor Patio Furniture

Enjoy eating outside when the weather permits? Draco Metal Table Legs for Patio dining sets allow you to do just that! you can enjoy a relaxing meal with family or friends, just like you would inside your home.

Metal Table Legs for External Use

Xeni Metal Table Legs for Small Space Outdoor Patio Furniture

Tight on space but still want to outfit your outdoor space? Coffee table legs are your best choice. Choose Xeni metal table legs designed for balconies and smaller outdoor areas. The table legs dimensions, images and reviews will give you an idea of how much room the outdoor furniture will take up, but be sure to take your own measurements before purchasing to ensure a perfect fit.

Metal Table Legs 28 Inch High

Yami Metal Table Legs for Outdoor Patio Furniture

 In addition to providing family and friends with a comfortable spot to relax, Yami metal table legs also add structure and style to your outdoor space. With that in mind, make sure you select Yami metal table legs that are consistent with your existing look and feel or one that you're looking to create.

Metal Table Legs for Rectangular Table Tops

Wishbone Metal Table Legs for Large Outdoor Patio Furniture

When shopping for a patio dining set, size is a key consideration. Larger patio dining sets can seat upwards of seven to eight people comfortably, and are designed for more formal meals, while most patio bistro sets typically seat two people. and are perfect for enjoying a drink with a loved one or friend. If you already own a patio table or patio chairs, Wishbone metal table legs are also an option.

Handmade Metal Table Legs for Dining Tables

With so many metal table legs styles to choose from Flowyline Design, it can be helpful to know the characteristics of these common looks when choosing Outdoor Patio Furniture for your home. Many of these styles can be blended to create eclectic, unique looks. Don’t feel stuck within any of these design categories and feel free to pick and choose from all different styles to create a look that is uniquely your own.

If you want to customize the legs to suit your tabletop or your bench, we're ready to help you. Live chat with us at or leave your email for a 3D drawing.

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