Rustic And Mid Century Modern

Rustic and mid-century modern decor are two of the most popular styles in home decor, and mixing the two styles can be easy if you understand how to achieve the look without going overboard. There are many ways to mix these styles to create a warm and cozy ambiance in your home, and here are a few tips to help you get started.

Mix Rustic Woods and a Mod Light Fixture

If you want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home, you can mix rustic woods with modern light for a modern rustic look. 

To add a rustic feel to your living room, try placing a wooden armchair or sofa near a fireplace, chimney, or window for a warm, inviting feeling. For the mid-century modern light fixture, you can choose a version that has a minimalist style that will bring a modern twist to your room.

How to Mix Rustic And Mid Century Modern Decor Styles?

You can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere by mixing rustic woods with modern light - Credit: Flowyline Design
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Try To Make It Cozy

Choose a mix of natural textures such as wood, as well as some warm colors like brown, taupe, and gray to create a cozy vibe in your space. 

There are many ways to dress up your room in an effortless way, including making a cozy nook with colorful pillows that interest the room. 

Try To Make It Cozy

Mixing earthy tone to add warmth in your modern Mid century house is an ideal idea - Credit: Flowyline Design
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Try To Implement Mid Century Design With Rustic Materials

If you're looking to create a mid-century modern environment in your home without going overboard, consider choosing a material for your furniture that evokes a rustic feel. 

Many mid-century modern pieces have wood panels or fabric draperies, and these can give the room a warm and welcoming feel. Try to incorporate a wooden table into your home as well for added warmth and ambiance. Be sure to use the natural tones of these woods to bring out the warmth of the room.

How to Mix Rustic And Mid Century Modern Decor Styles?

Picking rustic furniture and building a warm tone will help you evoke a rustic feel in your house - Credit: Flowyline Design
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Try A Neutral Palette

You don’t need to go crazy-colorful if you create a midcentury space. To lean toward rustic styling, consider a neutral color palette. It’s quiet yet modern in whites, grays, and tans.

Try A Neutral Palette

A neutral palette is a great element that contributes mid-century style of your house - Credit: Flowyline Design
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Try Other Elegant Colors

On the other hand, adding rustic elements doesn't mean you can't have any color in the space. The key is to be intentional. This delightful living room with other elegant colors already makes an eye-catching statement amongst the midcentury furniture and patterned rug. However, nods to rustic imagery show up in the mid-century shelving against the wall and the vintage look of the fireplace with dark wood.

Try Other Elegant Colors

Adding other colors helps you balance the rustic and modern vibe in your house
Credit: Flowyline Design
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Try To Use Rustic Materials

Mid Century styles, like this tree trunk coffee table, leather accent chair, and geometric pattern rug, all get a rustic feel due to the natural and rustic materials.

Try To Use Rustic Materials

Since you add some rustic materials, your corner will be an ideal place for relaxing and spending time with family - Credit: Flowyline Design
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Try Rustic Table Wood

Nothing gives off a rustic farmhouse vibe like an exposed wooden table. In the living room, the dark wood pops will be the center of the modern interior.

The vintage trunk used as a table and the brick fireplace or living space are notable additions. The rest of the room seems to lean more modern—the couch and accent chairs have sleek, rounded appearances, and the wooden coffee table's unique shape makes the room feel like a work of art.

A wooden table is considered as ust-have center in your living space whether you want to gain a great impression - Credit: Flowyline Design

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