Metal Table Legs for Heavy Table Tops

Wood furniture withstands the test of time and home and office trends for its style, functionality and craftsmanship. Whether you’ve just splurged on a statement wooden table for your dining room or found the perfect wooden side or coffee table during your last antiquing trip for a bargain, proper care and protection of your wooden table is important to maintain its beauty and ensure your investment lasts for years to come.

1. Limit the possibility of damage with a protective layer. 

  • While we can’t always prevent accidents from happening, things like tablecloths, placemats, coasters and trivets can limit direct contact with heat, moisture and other elements.  We live in a day and age where we don’t have to choose between design and function. You can find protective pieces that are beautiful and match your style.
  • Some protective pieces, like placemats, can be made of materials that can be harmful to your wooden table. Avoid products made of plastic or vinyl.
  • Decorative pieces such as vases for centerpieces can also be a threat as they could potentially scratch the surface of your wooden table. Consider placing cork or felt pads underneath those kinds of pieces to protect it.
Metal Table Legs for Accent Tables

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2. Treat minor scratches yourself to keep your wooden table looking its best. 

Even with proper care, normal wear and tear will happen over time. Unless it’s serious damage that requires an experienced professional, you can repair scratches yourself quickly and easily.

  • You should always avoid sliding anything across your wooden table to prevent scratches. But, if a scratch does occur, there are a variety of effective and affordable options that can help you get your wooden table looking great again. Wood touch-up markers, liquid scratch covers, or wood filler sticks are just a few examples of items available to help you fix a scratch.
Metal Table Legs for External Use

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    3. Apply wax to protect and restore shine. 

    There are all kinds of oils, sprays and polishes available for maintaining your wooden table. While many of these products can be helpful, wax can be particularly useful for various reasons. If applied properly and regularly, wax can serve a dual purpose by enhancing the beauty of your wooden table and protecting it from damage.

    • Polish and oils offer a more cosmetic solution that can help bring back shine to your wooden table. Typically, they do not provide additional protection for it.
    • A “finish” is applied to wood furniture to enhance the beauty of the piece and to seal the wood to protect it. Using wax can protect that finish by adding an additional protective barrier. Many waxes also help restore a glossy look, which can keep your wooden table looking shiny and new year after year.
    Metal Table Legs for Exopy Tables

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      Metal Table Legs for Wooden Tables

    • Single Pedestal Table Base for Wooden Tables
    • For your wooden tables, single "legs" or bases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is easy to push your chairs flush against this style of table, although long legs may struggle with the center obstacle. Single pedestals are ideal for round, compact, and/or pub tables in your eat-in kitchen or breakfast nook. When seating fewer than eight people in your dining area, a single pedestal table base is ideal. When expanded further, it is prone to tilting if someone leans on one end or the other.

      Metal Table Legs for Square Table Tops

      Uzar Metal Table Base

    • Double Table Legs for Wooden Tables

    • Double Table Legs for wooden tables "open" to accept leaves on geared slides, making them simple to extend and adapt to any form of wooden table. The balance provided by a double pedestal base, on the other hand, allows this form of wooden tables to open to accommodate 12 or more people with considerable ease. Double table legs also give your dining space a more official appearance.

      Metal Table Legs for Accent Tables

      Curva Metal Table Legs

    • 4-Leg Tables

    • The most popular table legs is the 4-leg table, which is quite adjustable. You might be amazed at how well a 4-leg metal table set supports the many styles/types of wooden table tops that you choose, Sets of four metal table legs from Flowyline can be even more accommodating because all of the legs in our collection can support up to 500-600lb table tops.

      Metal Table Legs for Dining Tables

      Yami Metal Table Legs

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