Oak Table with Metal Table Base

While we already have a title for Walnut tabletop, there is also a traditional wood that woodworkers love to use in crafting furniture.

Oak has been used for furniture making for thousands of years, particularly in the UK, and has been gaining in popularity all over the world.

Oak has always been a popular choice in the UK, Europe, and America, largely due to its availability as native timber. 

With this in mind, we will address some best steel legs using oak wood in making dining tables. 

1. Odila Steel Table Base

Large oak boards for furniture making are easily sourced. This makes construction easier and guarantees long, unbroken lines to the finished product. As a result, oak is the best wood for dining tables and Odila Steel Base would be the best choice to level up the centerpiece of the house

Odila Metal BaseOdila Metal Table Base

2. Hoshi Steel Table Base

One of the main features that draw consumers to oak is its distinctive golden color. As oak has been used for so long in traditional joinery, it has a comforting familiarity to many. Choosing Hoshi Steel Base only to brighten up the tabletop and the entire dining room. 

Hoshi Metal Table BaseHoshi Metal Table Legs

3. Draco Steel Table Legs

As a hardwood, oak has natural strength and longevity and can put up with a lot of abuse compared to other woods. Draco Steel Table Legs have the sturdiness you required for an oak tabletop. 

Draco Metal Table LegsDraco Metal Table Legs

4. Nura Steel Table Legs

For outside furniture, for example, dining furniture in a barbecue area or garden benches, air-dried oak is perfect. In this case, Nura Steel Table Legs should be a brilliant choice combine with the air-dried oak tabletop.

Nura Metal Table LegsNura Metal Table Legs

5. Priya Steel Table Legs

As a consequence of its durability, oak furniture will rarely need to be replaced. This is one of the reasons for its popularity over the centuries. Together with oak tabletop’s long-lasting use, Priya Steel Table Legs can be its companion. 

Priya Metal Table LegsPriya Metal Table Legs

If you want to customize the legs to suit your tabletop or your bench, we're ready to help you. Live chat with us at flowyline.com or leave your email for a 3D drawing.

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