DIY Coffee Table Makeover Ideas

Is your coffee table showing signs of wear and tear? Is it out of sync with the overall design of your living room? Before you consider replacing it or hiring a professional refinisher, why not give it a fresh new look yourself?

In this article, we'll provide you with some inspiring ideas from creative design bloggers for a DIY coffee table makeover ideas that will breathe new life into your space.

Distress to Impress: Adding Character to Your Coffee Table

If you've found a coffee table with the perfect size and shape but lacking in design appeal, take inspiration from blogger Kristine of The Painted Hive. She stumbled upon a coffee table on eBay for just $25, but it needed a makeover to match her cottage-style living room.

Kristine decided to distress the table, a process that took her only a few hours. First, she lightly sanded the base and applied two coats of white acrylic paint. Next, she added character by distressing the paint with sanding block and various grit sandpapers, as well as rubbing the table with steel wool. Remember, imperfections add to the natural distressed look.

To enhance the distressed effect, Kristine applied a finishing glaze of brown craft paint mixed with clear acrylic sealer. Finally, she carefully sanded, stained, and sealed the top, ensuring not to expose the wood veneer surface.

Spray Away: Achieving Dramatic Transformation with Spray Paint

Blogger Suzannah of Create/Enjoy achieved a stunning transformation of her coffee table with minimal effort. Inspired by a glamorous faux bamboo gold and glass table, she decided to elevate a $15 dark green and black enamel coffee table she found on Craigslist.

After applying a thorough coat of spray primer, Suzannah covered the metal parts of the table with gold spray paint. She raved about the speed and ease of this transformation technique.

Chalk It Up: Refinishing a Thrift Store Table

When faced with a seemingly hopeless thrift store table, Steph and Michelle from Sunny Side Design decided to give it a second chance. Despite the presence of nail holes, a chipped finish, water damage, and a rough top, they remained optimistic.

Over a couple of days, they diligently filled in the nail holes, sanded and cleaned the surface, and applied white chalk paint. Once the paint dried completely, they distressed the table using fine sandpaper, providing control over the desired level of distress. Finally, they finished the table with three coats of satin finish polyurethane.

Apply a Lime Wash: Creating a Coastal Vibe

Lindsey, the blogger behind Repurpose and Upcycle, aimed to give her "drab" dark wood table a coastal vibe. She began by cleaning and stripping the surface, requiring multiple applications of paint stripper due to heavy staining and sealing.

Using a lint-free rag, Lindsey applied lime wax in the direction of the wood grain and buffed the surface after approximately 30 minutes. It's important not to buff too much to avoid removing the finish. Lindsey suggests selecting furniture made of wood with a large open grain, like oak, for better results with the lime wash finish.

Glaze to Amaze: Achieving a Light and Airy Coastal Look

Steph and Michelle from Sunny Side Design stumbled upon a promising $75 coffee table in their local classifieds. They were captivated by its shape and planked surface and envisioned a transformation into a light and airy coastal style.

After a light sanding, they applied two coats of white chalk paint. Once dry, they mixed four parts glaze with one part light gray acrylic paint to add depth and dimension to the finish. The glaze extended drying time and slightly thinned the paint. After the glaze dried, they lightly sanded the table to achieve an aged, driftwood-like patina. Finally, they sealed the piece with a clear wax and buffed the surface, ensuring the longevity of the chalk paint!

We just can’t buy the new table every time we need a decor update in a particular home or room interior! Buying a new table every time can cost you big and the problem is what to do with the old table that is still looking durable and beautiful!

So, buying a new table may not be the right solution, so you can shake hands with some alternative DIY projects to upgrade your coffee tables or any kind of table with Flowyline Design's metal table legs to match your current home decors! If you are concerned only to update the old tables then you can do amazing table makeovers at home to get your tables again looking brand new and matching to a particular interior decor style!

There are various outstanding table makeover achievements on the internet and we have showcased some popular ones as coffee table makeovers with 5 Less-than-$200 metal legs that will help you to refurbish every kind of table like a pro with minimum investments!

What is the purpose of a coffee table leg?

The coffee table legs allow you to create a modern and unique piece of furniture out of your imagination. In your living room, on your veranda or in a luxurious suite, the coffee table invites you to cozy up. All you have to do is put your cup of hot chocolate on… Or kick your feet up, and it becomes your partner for the moment of relaxation. It can also play a role in decorating a room, should you wish to display your favorite statuettes.

Coffee Table Makeover with 5 Less-Than-$200 Metal Legs

Do amazing coffee table makeovers and upgrade the coffee tables with unique metal table legs designs to match the new room decors! Check out here the sample less than $200 coffee table legs that have been made for a gorgeous looking appeal and come with brilliant designs!

coffee table makeover before and after

Uzar Cofee Metal Table Legs

    Uzar coffee metal table legs for $135 will be your best choice to quickly coffee table makeover and create a fresh style for your home. Customers always choose these coffee table legs to design for their living room coffee table or accent table!


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    Draco Coffee Metal Table Legs

      Draco Coffee Metal Table Legs from Flowyline Design with the handcrafted design made by Alex that you can't find anywhere else are one of the coffee metal table legs with prices less than $200 but yet have a unique look and attractive coffee table legs.


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      Nura Coffee Metal Table Legs

        Like the other Flowyline coffee table leg design. Nura coffee metal table legs are less than $200 and are definitely worth a place in your bucket list.


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        Xeni Coffee Metal Table Legs

          Don't say you don't know which table legs can makeover your coffee table.  While also keeping your home looking basic because this Xeni coffee metal table legs will assist you in doing it for less than $200. Now is the time to install Xeni metal table legs in your home.


          Steel Table Legs for Coffee Tables


          Radix Coffee Metal Table Legs

            As you can see, the Radix Coffee metal table legs are also an option for coffee table makeover.


            Metal Table Legs for Home Decor


            Want an exquisite-looking coffee table? Add in a table with premium bases and legs by Flowyline. We're furniture manufacturers based in California and sell customizable metal table legs and bases, including farmhouse table legs, iron table legs, dining table legs, metal table base, wishbone table base, and more.

            These DIY coffee table makeover ideas not only offer a budget-friendly alternative to buying new furniture but also encourage sustainability by repurposing and upcycling. By following your artistic instincts and considering the existing decor of your home, you can embark on a fun and rewarding journey to revamp your coffee table, making it a focal point that sparks conversations and admiration from guests for years to come.

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