Metal Table Legs for Counter top table

The counter table is the happy medium between traditional dining tables and casual high-top bar tables. The name originates from exactly where you might expect – the standard kitchen counter height. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for a table, chair, cushioned bench, or barstool, if the word “counter” is used in the product name, you’re likely looking at a counter height piece


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While the exact measurements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, a table with a surface height of between 34” to 39” is considered to be counter height.  These tables are generally meant to correspond with the average height of a kitchen or reception counter.

Counter height tables are often used as either an extra prep surface in or around a kitchen or to provide a less formal atmosphere for people to gather around.  People are commonly more comfortable socializing around a counter height table than a standard height table as there is a less distinct height difference between people who may be sitting and standing.

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If you are looking for stools for a counter height table, you should look for something with a seat height between 24” and 29.”

Some Ideas About Metal Table Legs for Counter Top Table

1. Counter Height Table Base - Uzar Metal Table Base Style

metal base

Uzar Metal Table Base is usually used for a round table which is perfect for counter top table, because everyone has equal seating or standing, you can’t miss the days of sitting around a counter top table as this one featured.  More stools can be placed around these table legs as it has a compact, single pedestal design meaning table legs don't get in the way. 


2. Counter Height Table Base- Cleo Metal Table Legs Style

Metal Table Legs

Cleo Metal Table Legs are vintage legs that come with a durable powder coat finish that is a deep textured black. They pop but they are not overly shiny. The most are offered in counter table top standard dining height, counter height, or bar height.


3. Counter Height Table Base - Curva Metal Table Legs Style

metal legs

Powdered coated Curva metal table legs provide high fashion and yet can be used in the most extreme environments. What’s more, these legs are super easy and handy when it comes to attaching with a counter top table of your choice, just screw in with a live-edge slab, or use industrial glue for your counter top table. 


4. Counter Height Table Base - Wishbone Metal Table Legs Style

metal table legs

The Wishbone metal table legs come with a choice of different tops and would look great in a counter top table. Made of high quality material, these modern designs are also a great piece of engineering.


5. Counter Height Table Base - Norah Metal Table Legs Style

norah table legs

If you are looking for table legs for counter top tables, the Norah metal table legs would be perfect. Norah metal table legs provide an extremely clean environment under the table which come in a powder coating with matte black finish.

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