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Steel metal is an indispensable material in daily life. It plays an important role in key fields such as Construction, Automotive, Transportation, Packaging, Machinery, and Energy(*). In daily life, we often encounter steel materials around, such as furniture: tables, chairs, and cabinets, …

            Steel plays an important role in our key fields
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However, not everyone knows how to preserve objects made of steel to ensure quality and aesthetics for long-term use. Preserving steel materials takes a lot of time and effort. And if you do not know how to preserve it, it will be difficult. Knowing how to properly store your steelwork can save you money and prevent serious problems.

Most people don't how to preserve objects made of metal for long-term use

Mostly, the most practical way to keep steel lasting long is to prevent moisture from reaching the metal, or by using a type of material that erodes more slowly. Don't worry, the Flowyline Design team will share with you some wonderful tips that will assist you to protect your metal furniture.

  •  Daily Cleaning

One of the most common ways to protect metal furniture is to clean them every day. People usually use water and clean the steel furniture with soap, liquid detergent, or a 5% ammonia solution. For this step, you had better not forget to use protective gloves to protect your hands from corrosive substances. 

Nonetheless, it’s a time-consuming task for workaholics who have never had enough time for themself.

The most common way to protect metal furniture is to clean them every day
  •  Alloys Using 

Many people choose alloys to slow down the process or prevent rust. It is considered a good compound that is stronger than pure material. The minus point is that the creation process costs much, which leads to the price not being affordable for some. 

  • Oil Application

Besides alloys, oil is one of the methods to prevent rust as it inhibits moisture from reaching the iron in the metal. But an oily surface might cause some problems for some tools or machines and create environmental and human health concerns

  •  Metal Painting

We also can cover the metal with high-quality paint so that moisture isn’t able to reach the metal. 

The high-quality paint can prevent moisture from reaching the metal
  • Proper store

Storing is probably the easiest way to keep metal furniture from dust. People often put metal furniture in a low-moisture area, inside a temperature and humidity-controlled environment, or use desiccant drying agents to slow down rust.

  • Blueing

Some professional mechanics create a process with a layer of magnetite over the metal to prevent rust. With this step, they have to maintain oil regularly by oil to make sure that it still stays in better condition. During this process, the metal will turn blue or black.

  • Dry Coating Application 

Nowadays, many people choose modern and convenient ways to protect the metal and they prefer the practical method which is dry coating. This method generates a protective barrier over metal parts and equipment which are effective for products in use, shipping, storage, and more.

Still, this process takes time and prices aren’t affordable for some people. 

  • VCI Packaging

Some protective substances are used for protecting metal, for example, VCI. VCI stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors, a chemical compound that protects metal from corrosion by emitting rust-eradicating vapors into an enclosed air space. 

  • Powder Coating 

Powder coating is the most convenient to protect metal furniture. This has a layer of acrylic, vinyl, epoxy, or other substances that will prevent moisture and rust. This method is environmentally friendly and helps your metal furniture last longer than other methods.  

In general, stainless steel products are always preferred and especially powder-coated products are becoming the best trend today. There are many advantages to using powder coatings such as non-toxicity, cost-effectiveness, ease of construction, and weather resistance.

Powder coating is environmentally friendly and helps your metal furniture last longer
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Powder-coating products are popular because it saves a lot of human effort. That is why we - Flowyline Design have understood the concerns of our customers and brought the chair legs powder coated.

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