how to paint outdoor metal furniture

Outdoor metal furniture can add beauty and durability to your patio, but natural factors are the biggest challenges for us. Over time, exposure to the elements can take a toll on its appearance. Your outdoor furniture can start to look worn and weathered. To prevent your outdoor furniture from rusting, we need to use a special final coat for outdoor items. In this blog, we will guide you through the steps on how to paint outdoor metal furniture, ensuring it not only looks stunning but also stands up to the elements.

Materials You Will Need

Transforming outdoor spaces, one brushstroke at a time – Discover the art of reviving your outdoor metal furniture with 'How to Paint Outdoor Metal Furniture.'

Before you begin your outdoor furniture painting project, gather the following materials:

  1. Safety gear: Safety goggles, a dust mask, and gloves to protect your eyes, respiratory system, and hands.
  2. Electric sander: To smooth down the metal surface.
  3. Drop cloths: To protect the area you're working in from paint splatter.
  4. Wire brush or sandpaper (optional): To remove rust, old paint, and imperfections.
  5. Primer (optional): Priming isn't essential if the metal is clean and free of loose rust. You may start painting right away. However, if there is corrosion, you need to seal and preserve the surface with a primer.
  6. Outdoor metal paint: Choose a paint specifically designed for outdoor metal surfaces. We will list the famous and reliable paint brands in the section below.
  7. Paintbrushes and/or spray paint: Depending on the paint you use as well as the preference and the size of your furniture. Spraying is the most efficient method to paint metal furniture, especially mesh-detailed outdoor items.
  8. Painter's tape: To mask off areas you don't want to paint.
  9. Mineral spirits: To clean the metal surface before painting.
  10. Rags: For wiping down surfaces and cleaning brushes.
how to paint outdoor metal furniture

Materials you will need to paint outdoor furniture

Step 1: Preparation

Choose the right location

Paint your metal furniture in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors or in a garage with open doors.

Clean the furniture

Use a rag and mineral spirits to thoroughly clean the furniture surface. Remove any dirt, grease, or loose paint. If the metal has already been painted, sand and smooth it out.

Remove rust and loose paint

If your furniture has rust or old, flaking paint, use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove it. Ensure the surface is smooth and rust-free.

Sand for adhesion

After the metal has been cleaned, it needs to be sanded. Lightly sand the entire surface to create a texture that helps the primer and paint adhere better.

how to paint metal outdoor furniture

Paint your metal furniture in a well-ventilated area

Credit: Flowyline Design 

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Step 2: Prime

Once the surface is clean and smooth, apply a coat of metal primer evenly. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for dying time.

Most primers dry to the touch in 30 minutes to an hour. However, for optimal effects, wait until the primer has completely dried. This can take up to 3 hours, depending on humidity and climate.

how to paint outdoor metal furniture

Add a coat of primer if your metal furniture is rusted

Credit: ©LumenSt on

Step 3: Painting

Apply the first coat

After the primer has dried, apply the first coat of outdoor metal paint. Use even strokes to ensure a smooth finish. 

To provide an equal application, slowly sweep the paint across the surface of your object from left to right. Don't point the nozzle in a single area. Also, be sure to slightly overlap each of your passes to avoid gaps between the areas you spray paint.

Let it dry

Allow the first coat to dry completely. It might sometimes take only a few minutes to dry. However, for optimal effects, wait about 4 hours before applying another layer.

Apply a second coat

Apply a second coat for extra durability and even coverage. Let it dry thoroughly before using the furniture.

It's a good idea to let the paint cure for 24 hours. Paint type, substance, surface, and environment are all variables in drying time.

how to spray paint outdoor metal furniture

Apply your paint carefully to the outdoor furniture

Credit: ©timltv on

Step 4: Finishing touches

Inspect and touch-up: Once the second coat is dry, inspect your furniture for any spots that need touch-up. Apply a small amount of paint with a brush if necessary.

Remove painter's tape: If you use painter's tape to protect certain areas, carefully remove it once the paint is completely dry.

how to paint outdoor furniture metal

Inspect your furniture for any spots that need touch-up

Credit: Flowyline Design

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does exterior paint last on metal?

According to Paint Pals:

"Aluminum/metal siding can go about 8-15 years between paint jobs, if the metal is electrostatically powder coated in a factory the finish can last 10-25 years."

If you are seeking the ultimate solution for preserving your outdoor belongings for years, consider the superior durability of a powder coat finish for your metal items. Not only does it elevate the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor furniture, but it also boasts remarkable resistance to rust and scratches, ensuring an extended lifespan.

Maintaining powder-coated items is a breeze. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth or water is all it takes to keep them looking pristine. However, the application of powder coating demands specific techniques and specialized equipment to achieve flawless results.

How long does exterior paint last on metal?

How long does exterior paint last on metal?

Credit: Flowyline Design

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Where can you get the unique powder-coated furniture?

For a curated selection of your preferred metal items featuring an exceptional powder-coated finish, explore Flowyline's website and discover the perfect additions to your outdoor space. Flowyline offers powder-coated metal table legs and bases with sophisticated and attractive designs.

To improve our client's experiences, we provide outstanding service. You may also visit the website to check out fresh deals and designs. Flowyline Design also provides an affordable service. You can purchase your desired things now and pay later.

Where can you get the unique powder-coated furniture?

Where can you get the unique powder-coated furniture?

Credit: Flowyline Design

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Painting your outdoor metal furniture is a cost-effective way to extend its life and give it a new and perfect look. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can achieve professional-looking results and ensure your furniture can withstand the natural elements for years to come. With the right materials and a little patience, your outdoor space will be ready for you to enjoy in style. Happy painting!

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