Metal table base for Live-edged Slab, Dining Table

Finding the perfect table is already a time-consuming task, and then you have to figure out the table base that suits your needs and wants. How do you determine this? How do you know what material works for you, or what proportions should it have?

Step 1: Plan

Planning things out always helps and makes the task less complicated. Start by looking at the space where you want to put in the table; if you can, make a space plan and figure out what table type suits your needs. Will it be a round table or a rectangular one? Is your space too small for either of these? How about a square table?

Plan a flow, how much space you want between chairs, how to place the table such that it doesn’t hog up space or make movement difficult.

Summa Metal table base

Step 2: Finding the Right Base

Now you’ve got to find the right metal table base for the table of your dreams. Keep in mind the theme of your home or office space. You’ve got to be careful about the base; choosing the wrong base can lead to an unbalanced table or little legroom.

There are a few factors you’ve got to consider before choosing a table base. A table base reflects on how well the table will be supported and balanced. This means, round bases are for round table tops; wishbone bases, x-shaped bases, and tripod bases are for best for square tables; while for longer rectangular tables, choose t-shape bases to support your table from both sides.

Namu Metal table base

Step 3: Material

The material you choose for your table is the most important factor that you’ll consider because they make up the structure of your base. There are various materials that you can choose from, like metal, iron, steel, wood, but the most popular base material used is stainless steel. You can also choose iron as a base but iron pieces are more difficult to move around. Out of all materials, metal bases and iron bases are the most durable and last a long time.

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