A Counter Height Table With A Dining Height Table, Which is better for you?

What’s the ideal height for a dining table?

The average height of the dining table is between 28 to 32 inches. However, in many cases, the dining table's height can vary depending on your preferences, purposes, and kitchen area.

Whether you’d like to be the hostess of dinners for holiday gatherings, a traditional dining height set will be the ultimate choice for these occasions. Lower seating allows us much time for conversation and catching up while surrounded by friends and family.

Traditional dining height set will be an ultimate choice for those who would like to be the hostess of holiday gathering 
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Suppose you have a mini home bar or your kitchen is an open space that is connected to the outdoors. In that case, a counter-height table set whose height is between 34 to 36 inches, can be an ideal option for creating memories or a relaxed atmosphere. This counter-height dining set can help you host informal dinner parties comfortably. 

Suppose you have a mini home bar at home, a counter-height table set will be an ideal option for you 
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What Are Dining Height Tables? What are their benefits? 

Dining Height Tables are between 28 to 32 inches tall which is perfect for spaces and they give you a grown-up feel. A standard dining height table can be used as a centerpiece for holiday meals. A dining height table allows you to entertain a large number of guests by filling your tabletop with many things. 

Similarly, the universal height of standard dining room tables works well for families that include a wide range of ages and mobility. In other words, dining-height tables are the best option for those looking for a reliable table for their house.

A standard dining height table can be used as a centerpiece for holiday meals 
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What Are Counter Height Tables? What are their benefits? 

If you’re looking for a slightly taller table, a counter-height table will be right. Counter height tables are about 34 to 36 inches tall. Compared to dining-height tables, counter-height tables offer us an informal feel and space. 

A counter-height table will be the right one for those who like a slightly taller table 
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If you tend to have a larger space for food than an around-seating space, counter-height tables provide guests with the flexibility to move around the table. 

Plus, counter-height tables are excellent for small spaces. They’re a great fit for those who like contemporary interior style. 

Since you know the differences between the counter and dining height tables, you can decide which style is perfect for your dining space. Both dining-height tables and counter-height tables have pros and cons, you can consider and make the right decision for your kitchen. Regardless of any options you choose, it is sure that the dining room will remain the heart of your home.

Nonetheless, the most important element that you should notice is that you need to find table legs that greatly fit your favorite tables. There are 2  materials that table legs are usually made of: wood and metal. 

Nowadays, people prefer metal materials due to their consistency and strength, especially furniture that is required to stay sturdy to help us hold essentials like tables and table legs. Metal table legs offer us a higher capacity with various significant designs than wooden legs. So we can pick metal legs for your kitchen.

People nowadays prefer the metal materials due to its consistency and strength
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