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Remember the feeling of walking into your favorite Bistro and looking forward to a nice meal in a great atmosphere? With the shutdown of indoor dining around the country, social media has been flooded with beautiful pictures of homemade food. Now it’s time to bring that same enthusiasm to your dining table with our metal table legs and complete the transition to a true Bistro experience.

A dinner reservation at your favorite bistro is a wonderful thing. There’s a sense of occasion when heading out for a meal with friends, but unfortunately, it’s not always practical. Bistro or restaurants are a wallet’s worst enemy, and organising a visit to your local is often quite the hassle. Why not makeover your dining room by dining metal table legs with Bistro Feeling at your home ?

Here are 5 Metal Table Legs That Brings A Bistro Feeling to Your Dining Table


1. Namu Table Base

Manu Metal Table Base is usually used for a round table which is perfect for dining table, because everyone has equal seating, you can’t miss the days of sitting around a bistro table as this one featured. Have you noticed that more and more bistros are using non-conventional furniture in their dining rooms? Adding some armchairs, stools, or benches to the dining room will have a big impact, with Manu Metal Table base, it’s easier for you to accommodate one two chairs more.

table base


2. Norah Metal Table Legs

If you are looking for table legs for indoor dining areas or for cafe seating to get Bistro Feeling , the Norah metal table legs would be perfect . These ranges are well constructed and perfectly appropriate for indoors and guess what,  outdoors as well.

metal table legs


3. Faras

Faras metal table legs provide an extremely clean environment under the table and in your dining room. Our Faras Table legs come in a powder coating with matte black finish. The standard height for your bistro-feel dining table is 28 inch. But if you ever fancy a bar height, worry not, get in touch with for a made-to-custom order.


4. Cleo

Cleo metal table legs bring the intrinsic feel of a timeless patisserie to your space. These are just great looking legs and fit in as well in a vineyard’s tasting room as they do in a coffee shop. All of our vintage legs come with a durable powder coat finish that is a deep textured black. They pop but they are not overly shiny. Most come in either standard dining height, counter height or bar height.

dinning table


5. Curva

Powdered coated Curva metal table legs provide the subtle touch of high fashion and yet can be used in the most extreme environments. What’s more, these legs are super easy and handy when it comes to the attaching with a table top of your choice, just screw in with live-edge slab, or use industrial glue for your marble top. 

curva table legs

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