The Art of Creating A Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design

If you get bored of setting up your interior like a standard house and want to try out layers, cohesive and eclectic interior design is exactly right.

Eclectic design is a kind of interior design that combines various styles, motifs, and layers together in order to make an exquisite aesthetic or personal identity style. The core of it is balancing the between different styles, colors, and textures to create a harmonious space.

Since you find cohesive and eclectic interior design interesting, read on our tips to create an amazing interior design that is both functional and beautiful!

Profoundly Understanding About Eclectic Interior Design

What is Eclectic Interior Design?

Eclectic interior design is a unique style that combines different design elements (styles, cultures, colors, etc) with different materials to create a harmonious and appealing space.

Moreover, the eclectic style can indicate your personality identity and creativity by mixing pieces that have sentimental or inspirational values. It is a style that encourages you to be yourself by virtue of embracing individuality

The Benefits of Eclectic Interior Design

One of the main benefits of eclectic home decor is that it helps you to create a space that truly reflects your personality and style. It is a style that is not bound by rules or limitations, and it encourages you to experiment with different design elements.

In addition, eclectic home decor also allows you to mix up and match a variety of pieces from different styles, from classic to modern styles which can be a cost-effective way to decorate your home.

The Challenges of Eclectic Interior Design

Though it's a fact that you can be totally creative in modern eclectic interior design, it also requires challenges to create a cohesive and balanced space.

Besides, it is important to maintain a harmonious balance between the color palette and decorative pieces that complement each other. Avoiding overusing many things and cluttering your space with unnecessary pieces.

Overall, if you understand both the benefits and challenges of eclectic design, you're able to create a perfect balance that reflects your individuality.

Creating a Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design

The Art of Creating A Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design

Matching different elements can help you to create a unique and personalized space
Credit: Pinterest

When we talk about eclectic interior design, we should mention the combination between different styles, patterns, colors, and textures. Mixing these elements will help us to create a unique and personalized space. However, balancing elements is not an easy task. There are some tips on how to create amazing  eclectic interior design for your house:

Establishing a Color Palette

The Art of Creating A Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design
You can start by selecting a neutral base color  to create a harmonious look in Electric interior design
Credit: Pinterest

The first and foremost thing before building a cohesive eclectic interior design is to pick a color palette. You’re able to start with neutral base colors like white, brown, beige, or gray. In addition, you totally can mix them with different shades and hues that complement a harmonious look in your interior.

Mixing Patterns and Textures

Mixing patterns and textures is also considered as important as choosing a color palette. Mixing various elements or decorations is a tough task. You can combine patterns in the same color family for instance stripes, florals,  geometrics, etc to make them in moderation and balance them. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to mix different textures like velvet, leather, and linen, to add a highlight and draw guest’s attention when they enter your space.

The Art of Creating A Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design

Mixing patterns and textures is another key element of eclectic interior design that you need to know
Credit: Pinterest

Incorporating Different Styles

Incorporating different styles is a need to create an eclectic interior design. Still, it’s necessary to choose styles that combine each other well and then make a cohesive look. It’s also common that people to mix modern furniture with vintage accessories so as to make an exquisite combination.

The Art of Creating A Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design

It's important to incorporate different styles in order to create a unique look
Credit: Pinterest

Balancing Old and New

Balancing the old and new furniture or decorations in eclectic interior design is also crucial. It almost has no limitation in mixing old and modern aesthetics to make a balance and interesting look in your interior. Nonetheless, you should have noticed to pick decorations or pieces of furniture that have a similar color palette to create a perfect centerpiece of the house instead of making it look cluttering.

The Art of Creating A Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design
Balancing the old and new elements can draw your guest’s attention and get the personal identity
Credit: Pinterest

Adding Personal Touches

The Art of Creating A Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design

Electric is not only about mixing layers and other elements but also let your creativity talk
Credit: Pinterest 

The last element is considered as important as the first one which is personalizing the electric interior decor in your own way. Consider adding your favorite works like artistic pictures, family photos, awards, travel souvenirs, or building a home bar or coffee table. Going shopping in reliable stores and picking some elegant metal legs for table or bar height metal table legs for your own chilling space is also an ideal option. Displaying your own works can help you feel comfortable in your own living space!

In conclusion, creating a cohesive eclectic interior design is not a tough task. The initial part of it is you need to know how to balance different elements and turn them into your personal identity. With our useful tips, you’re able to build a unique interior design that reflects your personality and style.

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