Metal Table Legs for Butcher Block Table

What is a Butcher Block?

Butcher block refers to a specific type of wood surface for tables or countertops that is similar to the actual cutting surfaces once used in butcher shops and meat processing plants. The butcher block is also frequently called a chopping block and is typically several inches thick. What gives a butcher block its unique appearance and strength is the positioning of end or edge grain on the surface. Butcher blocks provide durability and are easily resurfaced through sanding to maintain a smooth sanitary surface.Pedestal Base for Big Table

Hoshi Metal Table Base


End grain butcher blocks are constructed from hundreds of square pieces of wood glued together so that their cut ends form a strong surface. Professional butcher blocks are significantly thicker than most blocks sold for use in home kitchens. Edge butcher blocks are made from small planks that have been joined together. The surface of an end butcher block will resemble a checkerboard while an edge block will simply appear striped. End blocks are stronger but more expensive. Sugar Maple, Teak and Walnut are the most common woods used in the construction of butcher blocks. The surface of a butcher block is typically finished with non-toxic oil if the surface will be used in food preparation or as a cutting surface.


Metal Table Legs Idea for Butcher Block Legs

At Flowyline Design, we want to make sure you find the best home goods when you shop online. You have searched for butcher block legs and this page displays the closest product matches we have for your butcher block table for you to buy online. With millions of unique style metal table legs options, we'll help you find the perfect solution for your style and your home.


5 Metal Legs Styles to Choose From

  • Wineglass Metal Table Legs - Butcher Block Legs

  • Wineglass metal table legs used for butcher block. For example, children can huddle around the coffee table to play board games or piece together a puzzle. Some of us may even rest our feet on it. That is why the metal legs, metal furniture for your butcher block tabletops not only should be elegant but stay sturdy. And the Wineglass design from Flowyline can deliver all of the standards.Steel Table Legs for Dining Tables

  • Hoshi Metal Table Base - Butcher Block Legs
  • Hoshi Metal Table Base for butcher block tabletops is known for its high-quality. This is one of its best-selling options for the dining room with butcher block. It can match any decor. Make your butcher block table look more modern but still keep style for your house. Pedestal Base for Heavy Table


  • Yami Metal Table Legs - Butcher Block Legs
  • Understanding how your butcher block table is going to fit into your lifestyle is a critical part of your buying decision. Being powder coated metal table legs, metal furniture has that rustic, natural look with Yami metal legs that should enhance your house or dining room beautifully.Handmade Metal Table Legs for Dining Tables

  • Uzar Metal Table Base - Butcher Block Legs
  • The Uzar table base is available with a variety of Butcher block tabletops and would look fantastic in any room of your home. More stools can be put around these table legs since they have a compact, single pedestal design that prevents table legs from getting in the way.Pedestal Base - Furniture Design

  • Botas Metal Table Legs - Butcher Block Legs
  • The Botas metal table legs with 28-inch table legs are an industry-standard height. Choose from lots of designs and match them to butcher block tabletops.Metal Table Legs for Home Decor

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