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If you’ve been working or studying from home, you know how important it is to have a dedicated workspace with a comfortable desk. Sitting at your kitchen table for eight hours a day can cause back pain, fatigue, and other health problems.

Here are our suggested ideas for 10 affordable desk table legs under $400

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From $200-$400

  1. Norah Table legs

Desks are used primarily for work and by one person at a time. The height for the desk is usually from 28”-30”. With its durability and sturdiness, Norah metal legs shall be one of your best choices for desk

desk table



  1. Arlo table legs

This beautiful hand-crafted design comes with the elegance can be the greatest idea for those who are in love with minimalism style

metal table legs



  1. Xeni table legs

If you are looking for table legs that are unique, well-made, and beautiful, you can never go wrong with this Xeni design

metal legs


  1. Faras table legs

These legs shall add a special character adding to your desk. Just simple and beautiful, easy to adjust, only Faras Design at Flowyline should finish off your desk table project perfectly.

 metal legs


  1. Curva table legs

These legs are outstanding! From the true flatness of the top plate, to the slotted holes that accommodate M8 hardware, to the design and of the product

 metal legs


  1. Draco table legs

Super sturdy, heavy and well made, this Draco design provides a long-lasting desk table with its strong personality for your demand.

draco metal legs


  1. Uzar table legs

The Uzar legs can absolutely brighten up your room and make your desktop more expensive

 uzar metal legs


  1. Wineglass table legs

If you’re looking for computer desk legs that will last a lifetime, this heavy-duty model Wineglass design is one of the best models you can find at its price point.

 wineglass metal legs


Above $400

  1. Tulipe base

Be it a conference table or desk, nothing can beat this Tulipe design either it's beautifully crafted, or its price 

 tulipe base


  1. Cleo gold brass table legs

Never get out of style, thiese gold brass legs only make your desk burst out with gorgeous

gold brass metal legs


We, Flowyline , are metal table legs/bases manufacturers and specialize in custom any metal table bases/legs that can absolutely meet your requirement.

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