Popular Mistakes When Decorating In Mid Century Modern Style

Mid-Century Modern style design is still alive and well till now. Though the mid-century style is one of the most popular interior styles, there are some people who sometimes make mistakes in decorating. Thus, we’d like to share with you some issues that you often meet daily and also give you some advice. Read on these below to know more about it.

1.  Using Only Dark Woods and Neutrals  
One of the most common mistakes that people make is only using dark wood and muted neutrals in the mid-century interior. That's definitely a misleading stereotype. Rather, it's better to incorporate a bit of colorfulness into one's design. Although brown, gray, and white tones are a centerpiece of the mid-century style, equally important are colorful accents such as orange, mustard yellow, red, shades of green, etc. With a little bit of colorfulness, your house both keeps the mid-century tradition and creates its own characteristic. 

With mid-century interior style, dark wood is not the only option that you can use 
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2. Decorating Your Space With Irrelevant Pieces
In fact, mid-century is an interior style that values ​​living space. Therefore, we should focus on high-functioning objects and furniture. As being space-friendly is core to mid-century style, it’s ideal thing to pick the proper furniture for your mid-century space. With proper furniture, they’ll help to save your space and satisfy the function of your house.
Decorating Your Space With Irrelevant Pieces

As being space-friendly is core to mid-century style, it’s ideal thing to pick the proper furniture for your mid-century space
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3. Purchasing More Than Your Need

Even if you love a particular style, that doesn't mean that you need to purchase every related piece you come across. It’s an ideal thing to buy necessities that match any interior style.  Since you purchase unnecessary things, it creates regrets as the purchase is not well considered. Take time to consider before buying any new item, and if doing so, you'll end up saving time and money in the long run!

4. Having Too Much Brass Decorations  
Mid-century fans love brass, but it isn't the only option when decorating in mid-century style. You can highlight your space with small accents here and there or a light fixture or two are fine but mix up the metals! Throw in some chrome or copper to make little difference in your interior! 

Having Too Much Brass Decorations

Brass maybe a wonderful highlight in mid-century interior style but to avoid overusing it, you can mix it with other colors 
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5. Overusing Wood Tone Or One Color  
Don't forget to explore a variety of decorations when you go shopping for furniture. Many people prefer Walnthe ut wood tone as it is beautiful. However, it’s better to look for other wood tones to help the space feel less matchy.

7. Forgetting To Incorporate Current Pieces And Elegant Table Legs 

Mid-century furniture has a very distinguished look, and a little bit of this style goes a long way. With a modern mid-century interior, you need to combine objects to make the space personal and also consider missing a few classic pieces with some newer items to balance the space.

Forgetting To Incorporate Current PiecesWith a modern mid-century, you need to combine personal objects and a few classic pieces to balance the space
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Mid-century modern furniture is often emphasized proportionate and elegant lines. The functionality of the furniture is highly suggested to create uncluttered spaces. Chairs and tables often consist of simple pieces with legs made of wood or metal.

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