Contemporary Dining Table Metal Legs

Dining tables are hot spots even when there’s no food on them. Playing games, helping with homework or just lingering after a meal, they’re where you share good times with family and friends. We make sturdy and durable black metal table legs, in lots of styles to help you find what suits your taste. Many are extendable so you’ll always have room for everyone.

At Flowyline Designs, we try to make sure you always have many options for your home. That's why we have so many dining table legs for sale on our site. We want to make sure when you're looking for where to buy kitchen and dining table legs online, you're getting the one that's exactly right for you. We have thousands of great deals every day with no need for a coupon. 

In addition to black metal table legs, we also offer other dining table legs designs. From matching dining chairs to consoles and buffet tables to bar carts, you'll find all the pieces you need for your space. You can also mix and match for a collected look.Find the perfect dining table legs for your space. Shop our selection of tables in a variety of sizes and styles.

You can get some ideas from this list of 10+ black metal legs to choose from for your dining table:

  •  Black Metal Legs for Dining Table Up to 4 Seats

Living that small-space life? Forget unnecessary, too-big pieces and opt for small dining tables and small kitchen tables, instead. Our 4-seaters are specially designed in a variety of shapes and materials for not-so-large spaces, so you can find perfect black metal table legs for your style dining room.

Metal Table Legs for Large Tables

Faras Black Metal Table Legs

  • Black Metal Legs for Dining Table Up to 6 Seats

Whether you're fixing the family dinner or helping the kids with their homework, our black metal legs for 6-seater dining tables give you lots of space. We have several different choices of shapes and styles, and many are extendable so you can save space but still sit six when you need to.

Metal Table Legs for Oak Table Tops

Udo Metal Table Legs

  •  Black Metal Legs for Dining Table Up to 8 Seats

The dining table is the place where life happens, embracing everything from work-day breakfasts and quick cups of coffee to family get-togethers. Our black metal table legs for the 8 seats dining table are about belonging. They’re comfortable, practical, stylish and turn a room into a meeting place for the whole family.

Metal Table Legs for Farmhouse Table

Curva Black Metal Table Legs

  • Black Metal Legs for Dining Table Up to 10 Seats

It's nice to have a bit of elbow room and our black metal table legs for 10-seater dining tables give everyone a comfortable place at the table. Your guests and you can focus on enjoying the conversation and your great food. Most of our tables are extendable, so they even save you space when the party's over.

Metal Table Legs for Large Tables

Wishbone Black Metal Table Legs

  • Black Metal Table Legs for Extendable Dining Tables

Whether it's a cosy breakfast for two or a game night set for six, the black metal table legs for an extendable dining table will give you plenty of room to grow. That means you can easily make space for all of your favorite folks and foods, and always win at entertaining.

Metal Table Legs for Round Table Tops

Cleo Black Metal Table Legs

Namu Design is a Unique and beautiful base. This designer table base goes especially well with any of your table tops, be it live edge, wood, or epoxy, be it your custom table, dining table, console table, or oval butcher block table.

Pedestal Base for Big Table

Namu Black Metal Legs

You will be impressed with the look on your dining table with this haru black metal table legs design. They are super easy for you to install.

Contemporary Metal Table Legs Design

Haru Black Metal Legs 

If you are looking for modern style or even Mid-century style for your dining room, This Yami Metal Legs design will be your best choice. The table leg quality are really good for the price you paid.

Steel Table Legs for Dining Tables

Yami Black Metal Legs

This Hoshi black metal legs design would highly recommend to anyone considering replacing legs on an old table in the dining room. With a proper mounting base it will last as long as the 150 year old walnut. The adjustable feet are a great addition for those not so level floors.

Pedestal Base for Heavy Table

Hoshi Black Metal Legs

This Tulipe Black Metal Table Legs is a one-of-a-kind design found only at Flowyline Design. Beautiful, sturdy, high-quality custom-ordered table base! you could not be more pleased!

Pedestal Base for Big Table

Tulipe Black Metal Legs

We hope our list has helped you narrow down your hunt for the best black metal legs for your dining tables. Which of these models intrigued you the most? See more unique designs at

If you want to customize the legs to suit your tabletop or your bench, we're ready to help you. Live chat with us or leave your email for a 3D drawing. 


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