Metal Table Legs for Live Edge Table

What Does Live-edge Actually Mean?

Live-edge woodworking has become a must-know topic since I embarked in the field of harvesting, milling, and turning wood. If you follow rustic or organic interior designing, you’re in all likelihood aware of the popularity of live-edge woodworking.

What does live-edge actually mean? Live-edge defines the unfinished edge of the woodwork. It is the periphery of wood not altered by hand tools or woodworking machinery. As a result, the untouched end of slabs and furniture retains the original characteristics of a tree; its shape, and bark. This design element is referred to as a live edge.

Metal Table Legs for Live Edge Table

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Live-edge has been used to describe a theme and genre of wood furniture making, wood art, and products. It is a style of woodworking where the artist incorporates the living edge of the wood into the finished product. And if you like the raw appeal of live-edge carpentry you’ll be happy to know that there is a large range of applications for live-edge.

It All Begins with the Lumber

Whether it’s a live-edge table or wood bowl, all woodworking projects start with live-edge lumber.

The construction of tables begins with the live-edge wood slab. These pieces are cuts of wood that do not have finished edges. Unlike traditional lumber that comes with a straight side, the contour on a live-edge slab mimics that of the original tree.

Metal Table Legs for Live Edge Table

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Slabs can come in thicknesses of 1” to 3” depending upon the intended use. 1-2” thicknesses are typically geared to specialty woodworking and 3” is more common for making dining or conference tables.

Working with Live-edge

Live-edge woodwork is a bit more complex than working with regular dimensional lumber. Special consideration has to be given to a wood project when considering live edge design.

  • Unlike square and finished wood, live-edges can come with holes, cracks, and voids. These often require some kind of filling with resin or filler.
  • Being organic, live edges are not straight. This presents a multitude of challenges when cutting and measuring.
  • The bark is subject to decay and can fall apart as wood expands and contracts. Many woodworkers remove the bark entirely and leave only a natural edge.

Live-edge Table

Perhaps the most popular application of live-edge design is in table making. Live-edge tables typically have at least one side, sometimes both sides of the table untouched. Unlike traditionally finished tables, a live-edge table brings the natural lines of the tree into the living space. By design, it brings the appearance of the outdoors inside. Custom-made by mother nature, each piece is just as unique as fingerprints.

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