According to a recent survey, revenue in the furniture market is expected to grow annually by 4.50% (*). It means that people nowadays pay more attention to interior decoration and design. There has been a growing tendency that we are more and more aware of the living space’s priority. So if you are looking for furniture to renovate your house but don’t know how to start, these pieces of advice will help you. 


  • The Objective

    Firstly, you need to make sure which furniture meets your requirements. No one wants to spend money on things that they regret later. Imagine that you buy a coffee table when your family actually needs a dining table. That’s definitely a waste! So it's crucial that you have a clear purpose before buying interior furniture. Ask yourself these questions: What do I expect for this? How does it help me or my family? How do I plan to use this? Finding the proper pieces of furniture is already a time-consuming task, however, these questions will be helpful and save a lot of time for you.

                                                          Coffee Table 

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                                    Tulipe table base: https://bit.ly/3CCxz5f

    Dining Table   

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                                    Norah table legshttps://bit.ly/3wIW10X

  • The  Style 
  • Style plays an important role in defining who you are and how you impress your guests. Some people like basic furniture, others like gorgeous or unique ones. For those whose design style is incredibly approachable and relaxing, the Rustic style may be your top choice. Natural, neutral colors such as beiges, whites, browns, and grays in Rustic style are all key. You will see it as easily-mixed and easily-designed. 

                                                  Rustic decorating style 

                                   Credit: https://flowyline.com/

                                  Wishbone Table Legs: https://bit.ly/3ctpXr9

    For anyone who likes the combination of modernity and simplicity, don’t miss out on the Mid Century style. It can be considered a subset of modern design, defined as the style that became popular in the early 1900s. This style tends to be retro and often makes use of bright accent colors to emphasize this point. It spreads out the retro vibe but still makes sure that your house won't go out of fashion. 

                                                 Mid Century decorating style

                                    Credit: https://flowyline.com/

                                   Tulipe Table Basehttps://bit.ly/3Aq0eYk

    If you are a busy person but still have a high applicability demand, the Contemporary style definitely fulfills your needs. The contemporary style embraces minimalistic elements highlighting grays, beiges and shades of white sleek, thoughtful, hidden details emphasizing an edited aesthetic that is high on function and low on collections and fuss. 

                                                Contemporary decorating style

                                     Credit: https://flowyline.com/

                                    Cleo table legs: https://bit.ly/3ArQxZA

    There are still many styles that you can consider to decorate or renovate your house: Classic style, Scandinavian style, Japandi style, Boho style or Country House, etc.

    •  Dimensions and Materials 

    You should be attentive to the size of the furniture, including its height, length, and breadth. These dimensions are also vital for choosing other interior furniture that goes with the living space. If you have 4 members in your family and there are some friends who usually visit your house for dinners, you should consider a six-to eight-person dining table size.

    •  Budget 

    Budget is a necessary part of life either in buying something. You had better set up monthly spending on decoration to ensure that you are sticking to a fixed budget. Save up $50-$100 and put it in “lifestyle spending” monthly. You will see it as a worthy investment to build a place that helps you release ever-busy work-life pressures. At our store Flowyline, we have seasonal decorations whose prices are affordable. We either have a promotion to help you to save up money. Just by a click, Flowyline will give you a hand to pick imposing table legs that fit your table and corner

  • Finding a reliable store
  • Last but not least, you need to look up trustworthy stores or showrooms to pick satisfactory decoration and interior furniture. Your whole plan might be ruined if you choose the wrong partner. Suppose you spend money on a store whose customer service is terrible or doesn’t have any great responsibility for the shipment, you are sorely disappointed. Flowyline understands your worries so we’ve been here to assist you.  

    At Flowyline, we design and manufacture chic and unique metal table bases, side table legs, coffee table legs, and much more. Our woodworkers and artisans make all the handmade table legs stand out and ensure that all your demands are met.

    Get in touch with us and find the perfect table base to bring your space to life!

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    (*)Source: https://www.statista.com/outlook/cmo/furniture/united-states

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