In most furniture lovers' perspective, Rustic home decor is a priority in the autumn. When Autumn reaches, bear in our mind the warm yellow of maples and they're dropping down everywhere. Warm and neutral colors are considered as the main factor, and Rustic style adapts to these requirements. Moreover, when it comes to autumn, we will immediately think of Halloween - one of the biggest holidays that we would like to try distinctive things. 

So what’s Rustic style?

Rustic Decoration is distinguished as an incredibly approachable and relaxing style. It underlines earthy colors such as brown, gray, warm orange…etc

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  •                            Credit: Sienna Livermore/ housebeautiful.com

    Anything should we notice about Rustic style? 

    • The color MUST BE NEUTRAL and preferable NATURAL. Although the vital color is neutral, it is still available for bold, as long as it keeps to earthy tones.
    • The objects or materials are rather homemade, raw or natural textures such as reclaimed wood, unfinished stones(in furniture or ceilings/walls), and fabrics (canvas and burlap) which bring sense of cozy and comfortable.

                                Credit:  Nelson Hancock/ housebeautiful.com

    • Simplicity is the key. The core of Rustic style should be on the material, not the design. Most people build a characteristic fireplace with raw stones as a center point of their house. However, some people use unique accessories, wooden kitchen tables with large unique legs, or couches with deep, dark leathers. No matter what you choose, don’t forget to follow the rule KISS ( Keep It Super Simple) in decoration.

                                                 Credit: vicostone.com

                      Credit: Courtesy of Erin Gates Design/ housebeautiful.com

    If you’re a fan of Rustic Decoration and you are afraid of its possibility in your interior decor, modern Rustic is also considered a good choice. The main spotlight is still made of wood or things that have a combination of the wooden surface and steel material legs for: Coffee tables, Dining Tables, Side tables.
    A coffee table with Uzar legs is a great highlight for Rustic style
    Credit: https://flowyline.com/
    Uzar table legs
    You can use unique Xeni metal legs to build your own Rustic side table
    Credit: https://flowyline.com/
    Xeni table legs
    A dining table with a lamp will be a centerpiece in your kitchen
    Credit: https://flowyline.com/
    Faras table legs

    However, you’re able to pick marble material to meet your demand for modernity and specific characteristics.

                             Credit: William Abramowicz/ housebeautiful.com

    In general, the rustic style will be well-advisable and keep you from getting bored with the present modern decor. For those who are living in a big city and are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, rustic is an ideal option that you can consider.

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