Ultimate Tips For Hosting A Farm Wedding With Dining Tables

While the summer wedding season is coming, young brides likely choose venues that reflect their love of simpler, calmer, more peaceful places. They preferably hold their wedding in places that connect their families and guests to the hometown or nature, yet are still stylish and chic. 

Some couples like to celebrate their weddings in a simple and farm style. Because the farm style evokes feelings of lush, vibrant, bright air of new beginnings.

Why Do We Choose A Farm Wedding? 

A Farm wedding comes from farm-to-table movements that there are a number of sustainable local farms, a return to gardening, craftsmanship, and earth-friendly. It’s a lifestyle preferred by young Millennials, who are gradually getting tired of fastly- modernized technology. So that they crave organic, rustic, and back-to-nature experiences.

This wedding style is becoming popular in some places due to its purity, healthiness, and peacefulness. Many people love to hold their weddings in this gracious style.

Otherwise, celebrating a farm wedding is not an easy mission.  Thus, we’d like to share some useful tips for this gracious wedding style below. We hope that these tips will be helpful for your wedding:

1. Find a Farm You Love

Before you can start planning your decor and activities, you’ll first need an incredible venue. Tour some of the farms that offer weddings near you, or look for expert advice on barn wedding venues farther away. 

Farms are ideal as they have rustic barns, a boho feel, and plenty of space for you and your guests to relax and have fun. If you choose a working farm, you can also likely enjoy benefits like farm-to-table food, mini tours, and adorable animal neighbors.

Find a Farm You Love

Choosing an ideal farm for your wedding is a must because it decides the space and vibe for your important day
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2. Choose a Farm Wedding Style

Most of us think of farms as the perfect rustic wedding venue, but they can also be transformed to match other wedding themes too.

Stick with a traditional rustic look, or add some handcrafted touches for more of a boho wedding feel. Stage a seasonal wedding with in-season flowers, crops, and a matching color palette, or host a vintage-themed celebration instead. Whatever your style, there’s a way to work it into the farm wedding setting to create something magical.

Picking the right farmer wedding style will be easier for you to choose accessories and celebrate the concept
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3. Consider Your Guest List

One of the major benefits of a farm wedding ceremony is that you can often fit as many guests as you like. Farms come with plenty of space for even the largest of guest lists — especially if you host your celebration outdoors.

However, your wedding budget will likely determine how many people you invite. Small weddings are also ideal for farm venues. You can create beautiful and dramatic wedding photos with a small group set against the vast fields, barn, and rustic spaces.

4. Plan a Locally Sourced Menu

There’s nothing fresher than farm-to-table food. Take inspiration from your surroundings and create a menu filled with locally grown food — from the very same farm, if you can.

This is a lovely way to honor the farm’s purpose and celebrate the role of agriculture in our daily lives. Plus, it allows you to enjoy some of the freshest, most delicious food. Work with the farm or your wedding planner to create a menu that’s not only delicious but also showcases the very best from the local community.

You need to make an elegant menu to honor your guests and also match the wedding concept
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5. Host Outdoor Activities

With so much outdoor space, it’d be a shame not to make the most of it. Whether your ceremony takes place indoors or outdoors, look for ways to feature the vast outdoor space with some games and activities. 

Depending on the time of year, you could plan outdoor party games like horseshoes and cornhole. In the colder months, gather outside to enjoy s’mores by a fire pit. If it’s a working farm, ask if there’s an opportunity for a short tour to get up close with some of the animals for a unique wedding reception activity.

6. Set a Rustic theme for your wedding 

Farm weddings always feel warm and welcoming, and much of that comes down to the bucolic setting. 

But rustic decoration also plays a key role. You can try to create an atmosphere with warm, yellow-toned lights, or other caged bulbs hanging from a rustic barn’s ceiling. 

Use lanterns with foliage to create functional centerpieces or dress the aisle. String lighting also creates a warm atmosphere — spread these little lights throughout the barn, over tables, and outside between trees to add some magic. 

Otherwise, you're able to make those cozy vibes by decorating tables with candles and elegant accessories. 

Set a Rustic theme for your wedding

You can make cozy vibes for your wedding by decorating tables with candles and elegant accessories
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