Types Of Tables

While it may seem like a table is a table, there are many different types of this key piece of furniture. From dining and coffee tables, to drink or console tables, you will find they come in various styles, materials, sizes, and colors, as well as price points, of course. Some have a clear function and only work in certain rooms in a home, while others are incredibly versatile and could serve a number of purposes. Use our guide to learn about the most commonly used types of tables and learn how to choose the right one for your home.

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    Dining Table

    A dining table is a square, rectangular, oval, or round table whose primary function is dining. It comes in different shapes and typically seats four to eight people. Dining tables are made from a variety of different types of materials with wood being the most common—some feature a mix of materials, especially when it comes to the tabletop, with glass or marble being common choices.

    A dining table is one of the best highlights for your house due to its usage and elegance 
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    418 Curva legs: Here 

    Coffee Table

    A coffee table serves two functions—its practical role is to provide a surface to hold items and its aesthetic purpose is to add style. Most often used in a living or family room, it's a low-sitting table that sometimes has a lower shelf or drawers for additional storage and is typically round or rectangular in shape, although oval and square coffee tables are also popular choices. When it comes to its construction, you will find coffee tables in almost any material—from wood, and metal, to plastic, acrylic, and marble.

    Coffee Table

    Coffee tables are considered the most-used in the living room due to its convenience 
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    End Table

    An end table sometimes referred to as a side or accent table is a small table that sits next to a sofa or an armchair—it serves as a surface to place decorative accents such as picture frames or candles, as well as a spot to put down your drink when you sit down. To create a more visually interesting space, go with a different style of the end table to add a contrasting shape and material to the room.

    An end table serves as a surface to hold decorations such as picture frames or candles for your corner 
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    Console Table

    If you're looking for a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in a number of different rooms, a console table is it. One of the most common spots for it is an entryway, which is why it is sometimes called an entryway table—you will also find it behind a sofa, in which case it's called a sofa table. Most often made from wood or metal, it can have a glass top or shelves, and some feature drawers and cabinets, while others only have a top surface.

    Console Table

    A console table is also a great way to fill up floor space and add an extra layer of elegance to your living room
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    Side Table

    More commonly referred to as a nightstand, a bedside table is an essential component of any bedroom. For a practical choice, go with a bedside table that offers storage such as drawers or shelves—if it doesn't have either one of those features, you can always use a decorative basket underneath it for extra storage.

    A side table should stay below the arm of the seat to help us set a drink down or turn on a lamp effortlessly
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    121 Tulipe base: Here

    Counter Table

    A counter table you may know as a pub table is similar in size and function to a dining table—it's taller, hence its name. It therefore also requires taller, barstool-style chairs. A high-top table isn't just meant for restaurants or pubs, it's a great choice for your own home, like a game table in the family room.

    Counter Table
    Counter height tables provide us an additional space for our cozy family space
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    Pedestal Table

    When you think of a pedestal table, perhaps a large stately foyer comes to mind. Usually made from solid wood, it's either round, square, or rectangular in shape, and instead of four table legs, it is supported by one central column. Besides a foyer, you'll also see pedestal tables used in more traditional-style dining rooms or breakfast rooms.

    table Types

    Pedestal tables are commonly used in traditional-style and served as a place to entertain your guests 
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    Choosing a Table

    The best way to choose the right table is to determine its primary function, location, and style. Once you've answered those questions for yourself, consider your budget and start measuring your space. Our suggestion to guide you through the choosing table will help you look for exactly what you need.

    The most important element that you should notice is that you need to find table legs that greatly fit your favorite tables. 

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