Outdoor and Patio Table Legs and Bench Legs

We all love patio season—that special time of year made for enjoying Vitamin D and dinners al fresco—and after a challenging winter and early spring, there’s extra pressure to make patio season 2020 extra special.

When looking forward to making your outdoor spaces more functional and comfortable, it is necessary to choose a comfy and aesthetically pleasing patio furniture design.

Outdoor furniture frames, tabletops, and upholstery need to retain structural integrity and their appearance over many seasons, and through a variety of weather conditions. Additionally, the time and effort needed to maintain materials throughout the year, as well as their “green-ness” and costs are important aspects to examine.

Identify Your Patio Furniture Needs

Visualise your outdoor space and decide how you want to do up this space. Do you want to entertain guests, create a dining area, or just enjoy some warm summer nights in this area? Depending on how you want this space to function, you can choose suitable patio furniture to complement the idea.

Many people want this area to give them succour and comfort or create a reading nook for them away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the household. This clarity of thought will help in looking for furniture options that are right for this space.

  • Look for comfortable wicker sofas, Rattan sofa, or chairs that add grace, style, and décor to this area without compromising with the comfort factor.
  • A lot of side tables can be placed which comes in handy if you throw a cocktail party in the area. You can even go for a fire pit to keep you warm in winters. This furniture is different from indoor furniture and is all-weather resistant.
  • You can also hang a swing or a hammock on the patio.
Metal Table Legs for External Use

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Easy to Maintain Outdoor Furniture

When planning to spend your time enjoying the lovely outdoors, you would not like to maintain and clean your furniture before you are ready to use it. Thus, it is best to look for easy to care and maintain furniture choices that keep its upkeep to a minimum.

Choose material options like cedar, teak, metal, etc., as these are all-weather furniture choices perfect for outdoor spaces. Just regular daily cleaning is more than enough to keep it well-maintained. If you are using accessories like pillows and outdoor cushions for your patio furniture, ensure that it is machine washable.

Metal Table Legs for Outdoor Furniture

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Metal Table Legs for Outdoor and Patio Using

1. Botas Metal Table Legs

A great design secret to remember that will help you effortlessly create a pulled together look is to design with a tight color palette in mind. The more colors you use to decorate a space, the more skilled you need to be in order to pull off the look! By choosing just two or three colors and staying within various shades of that color palette, you will be able to easily create a beautiful space! 

Metal Table Legs for Outdoor Furniture

2. Yami Metal Table Legs

It is important that your set works within your space. Size and shape is the first factor that you should consider. The outdoor dining tables range from circles, squares and rectangles, to ovals. A dining table will be the focal point of your dining space, therefore shape plays an important function. Whether you enjoy close intimate meals on a circular table or you prefer to host dinner parties for your friends on a long, rectangular table. There is a table out there that is perfectly suited for your social needs.

Metal Table Legs for Farmhouse Table

3. Cleo Metal Table Legs

It's your backyard, it should reflect your style. Some of our customers like to stay within a collection and match the chairs with their table perfectly. However, we always say that is okay to "spice it up" and mix and match your dining set. Most of our dining collection pieces are sold separately, this allows our customers to expand their search for the chairs of their dreams.

Metal Table Legs for Dining Tables

4. Faras Metal Table Legs

Wrought iron and steel furniture is a great choice because of its durability and low maintenance requirements. Your encounter with organic growth on metal furniture will probably be with algae.

To prevent algae from growing, make sure to wipe down the surface- especially the legs or armrests. Not only will this prevent rust, but it will prevent organic growth from occurring.

Metal Table Legs for External Use

5. Xavier Metal Table Legs

You can never go wrong with having extra space if your yard allows it. Extension tables are growing in popularity every year. The option to enlarge your seating area at a moment’s notice is quite appealing to many of our patio buyers. Extension tables make it easy to transition from an intimate family dinner to a dinner party with friends.

Metal Table Legs for Exopy Tables

Metal Bench Legs for Outdoor and Patio using

It is important to remember that you should choose chairs that are correct for the height of your table. You won't want your guests to strike their knees every time they want to tuck themselves in. Speaking of tucking in, some chairs with armrests may need higher tables if you would like to be able to tuck them. Having the option to push your chairs under the table is convenient for optimizing your space when the dining table is not in use. Here we will recommend some ideas for the outdoor bench.

Metal Table Legs 16 Inch High
  1. Tulipe Bench Legs
  2. Nura Bench Legs
  3. Haru Bench Legs
  4. Wishbone Bench legs
  5. Yami Bench legs
  6. Radix Bench Legs

Are you looking for a chic, new table to spruce up your space? Flowyline Design Furniture is the perfect place for you to find the best furniture legs! We design and manufacture metal table bases, side table legs, coffee table legs, and much more. Our artisans work tirelessly to make all the handmade table legs stand out and ensure that all your requirements are met.

If you want to customize the legs to suit your tabletop or your bench, we're ready to help you. Live chat with us at flowyline.com or leave your email for a 3D drawing.


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