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Metal Furniture

Metal furniture is a type of furniture that uses metal parts in its construction. There are various types of metal that can be used, such as iron, steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Iron and steel products are extensively used in many applications, ranging from office furnishings to outdoor settings.

Cast Iron is used mainly for outdoor finishings and settings, such as those used for bench legs and solid iron tables. It is suited for outdoor use due to its hardness, heaviness and general tough composition. The main disadvantage to this is that it, being a relatively pure form of Iron, is subject to corrosion at the hands of moisture and air.

Stainless Steel is used very extensively for most modern interior furnishings involving metal. Many hinges, slides, supports and body pieces are composed of Stainless. It has high tensile strength, allowing it to be applied using hollow tubes, reducing weight and increasing user accessibility.

Aluminum is a light and corrosion-resistant metal, and to take advantage of these qualities, it is heavily utilized for stamped and cast furniture, especially in the category of molded chairs. Aluminum atoms form an outer layer of Aluminum Oxide, which prevents the internal aluminum from being corroded.

Metal furniture is a popular choice of furnishings, especially used outdoors for decks and patios. However, metal furniture can also be used indoors, such as brass beds, brass tables, iron bakers racks and metal curio cabinets. Besides being sturdy, metal furniture is attractive, giving a contemporary look to your home. To make it stand out, all it takes is good polishing to give it added charm and character.


Durability is the main advantage of metal furniture. For example, not many types of non-metal furniture can remain outside during winter and still look good when spring arrives. If cared for properly, metal furniture can last up to 30 years. Because most metal furniture is treated for rust and heat resistance, it doesn't need much maintenance.

Metal Table Legs for Live Edge Table

Tulipe Metal Table Legs

Types of metals

Usually, metal furniture is made from either steel or aluminum. To tell aluminum from steel, place a magnet on a metal surface and if it is steel it will stick.

Steel furniture is typically pricier when it is used as furniture, with the price varying according to the type of metal and thickness. However, it is hard to identify it after a finish is applied. Steel has low, medium or high carbon, with most metal furniture being made with low carbon because it is cheaper than a higher grade of carbon. Stainless steel is good for low maintenance. Made of an alloy of carbon, iron and other metals, its main reason for its strength is chromium, which protects from rust and corrosion because of its thin film of oxide on the surface.

Types of finishes

Choosing the right finish for metal furniture is important because of its durability. Some of the most common finishes include chrome plating, PVDF, plastic, painted, brass and anodized finishes.

Chrome plating, although durable, is thin and if damaged where it is exposed to air, scratches can rust. Plastic-coated finishes are synthetically made and good as they prevent rusting or the metal from changing color from air exposure. Although they're as strong as paint finishes, they do not hold up as well as electroplated finishes. 

Paint finishes are for both steel and aluminum furniture, although it easily scratches and rusts.

Brass plating, which is an electroplated finish, is applied in a bath and is durable. Solid brass is both pricey and rare. To decide if a finish is solid brass put a magnet on the furniture and if it clings, it is made of brass-plated steel (iron in the steel is magnetic). Brass is made from copper and zinc, two metals that are prone to corrosion from exposure to (salty) water or air. Brass finishes should be oiled or clear-coated with polyurethane or similar material to make a barrier from air and water to prevent corrosion. Corrosion is slowed when a surface is already oxidized, for example, aluminum is very hard to weld because of its persistent aluminum oxide layer, which prevents access to the bare metal. 

Anodized finishes are used on aluminum furniture to increase the thickness of the aluminum oxide layer, creating a thicker barrier between the atmosphere and aluminum base metal.


When selecting metal furniture, consider coat and finish, ensuring the surface is either powder coated or electroplated. Also, consider your climate. For example, if you live in a rainy area, you will want furniture with heavy waterproofing and light enough to carry indoors. For hot climates, consider that aluminum retains heat, so you can not use it until it cools down.

Here are the top 5 best steel table legs with powder coating under $300

1. Wineglass Metal Table Legs

Wineglass Metal furniture, metal table legs used for dining tables or Coffee tables are also used as tabletops for us to do all sorts of activities in the living room. For example, children can huddle around the coffee table to play board games or piece together a puzzle. Some of us may even rest our feet on it. That is why the metal legs, metal furniture for your table not only should be elegant but stay sturdy. And the Wineglass design from Flowyline can deliver all of the standards.

Metal Table Legs 28 Inch High

2. Cleo Metal Table Legs

Your tabletops always come in different shapes such as rectangular, square, round, or a combination of them. Cleo Metal table legs, metal furniture would be the best fit for any round table or a square or rectangle one that comes with rounded corners.

Metal Table Legs for Office Table

3. Faras Metal Table Legs

As a guide, tables with metal table legs, metal furniture designs are versatile and can fit into most living rooms. They also help make the area look more spacious, while Scandinavian-style tables with a metal design give your space a rustic, yet contemporary, look. Either way, Faras Metal Legs would be your best choice for a tabletop.

Metal Table Legs for Dining Tables

4. Yami Metal Table Legs

Understanding how your table is going to fit into your lifestyle is a critical part of your buying decision. Being powder coated metal table legs, metal furniture has that rustic, natural look with Yami metal legs that should enhance your living room or dining room beautifully.

Unique Metal Table Legs for Dining Room

5. Draco Metal Table Legs

The tabletop and the Draco metal legs make this table highly durable and easy to maintain. And it brings in a very contemporary look to a living space. Not to mention a perfect one to hold your hot coffee mug or your glass of wine as you drown in your latest book.

Metal Table Legs for Resin Table Tops

These metal table legs, metal furniture for less than $300 will stun you.

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