Metal Legs for Maple Wood Table

Maple Wood

The Maple Tree is a sentimental favorite of many people. It brings to mind cozy times of maple syrup and brilliant fall foliage. Maple wood is also one of the most popular types of wood used in the making of fine furniture. There are more than 120 species of maple trees, most of which grow in Europe and Asia. However, here the ever-popular Sugar Maple, also known as the Rock Maple, is the tree of choice. Sugar Maples love cold weather and are most usually found above the 42nd parallel in the northern United States and Canada.

Maple is a very popular hardwood for many things, including furniture. The grain is typically smooth and straight, giving finished pieces a simple, clean look. But you can also find other, more textured grains in tiger and curly maple. Unlike other hardwoods such as cherry and oak, furniture makers gravitate toward the sapwood as opposed to the heartwood when choosing maple lumber. Sapwood is found on the outer portion of the log and is often light and creamy in color. This lightness lends itself well to staining in many different colors. In fact, maple can take a dark stain so well that it’s often used to mimic more expensive hardwoods such as cherry or mahogany.

Is Maple a Good Wood for Table?

Due to its ultra-durability and versatility, maple wood is commonly used in a wide variety of applications. The smooth, light grain of hard maple opens some exciting possibilities for designing contemporary furniture. You can make a trendy coffee table to go with your ultra-modern furnishings to create the soothing ambiance that only maple wood can achieve.

Although an extremely light-grained wood, maple enjoys the status of being among the hardest domestic varieties of wood in America. This makes it highly durable, so you get wood that looks good but lasts longer as well. Hard maple is easy to work with, but tends to burn with high-speed cutters like routers.


10+ Metal Legs Styles That Pair Well with Maple Wood

It’s very hard for you to choose the right metal table legs style, but you will be happy with your choice of these Haru metal table legs only at Flowyline Design. This is a beautiful, sturdy, high-quality metal leg and will look fantastic with your maple deskSteel Table Legs for Dining Tables

Not only simple yet elegant in design, this Hatty metal table legs is super easy to get installed into any maple tabletops for your kitchen tableHandmade Metal Table Legs for Dining Tables

The Akro Metal Table Legs with 28-inch table legs are an industry-standard height. Choose from lots of designs and match them to maple table tops to create a customized conference table.Handmade Metal Furniture for Outdoor Use

And many more designs to come:

Metal Table Legs for Kitchen Furniture

Steel Table Legs for Coffee Table
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Steel Table Legs for Coffee Tables
Steel Table Legs for Dining Tables

Handmade Metal Table Legs for Dining Tables

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