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Winters bring outdoor cooking to a standstill for most days at least, making it the perfect time to winterize your outdoor kitchen. This way, your kitchen gets to be in great shape for the coming year, with little to no maintenance required.

If you neglect to maintain your outdoor kitchen during the winter, you increase the risk of broken water lines and damaged appliances.

Here are a few ways you can protect your kitchen during the winter season:

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Drain the Water from the Pipes

During winters, you risk broken pipes. If you don't take the problem early on, this is a significant problem that'll lead to flooding, high plumbing bills, and an unusable kitchen. You must winterize your pipes by:

  • Turning the main water supply off
  • Draining the water lines
  • Installing frost-free faucets

Winterize Your Refrigerator

Next, you have to winterize your outdoor fridge as it helps prevent mold and mildew. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Empty and clean the fridge thoroughly. Remove all foods from the fridge, put all wires in a bag and wrap them. Use mild soap, water, and sterilized rages (or white vinegar) to ensure a spotless, disinfected fridge.
  • Leave it open to dry, and keep an open baking soda box to remove any odor before shutting the fridge for the season.

Prepare the Ice Maker

It's time to put away the ice maker for good. Switch off the power, remove any remaining ice from the ice maker and clean the ice bin.

Clean the Sink

After all the water has been drained, fully open both the hot and cold taps, you can also completely uninstall the faucet. Thoroughly clean the sink and cover it up for the winters to keep the debris from scratching the sink.

Clean the Grill

If you won't be doing any grilling in the winter, it's time to ensure your appliance stays in excellent condition to avoid mold and rust. Fire the grill for about fifteen minutes: it'll make cleaning easier. Once the grill has cooled down, clean it using soapy water and a brush. Rinse it and let the grill dry.


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