How Halloween Evils Reveal Suitable Table Legs For Your House?

On Halloween, people fancy inimitable and distinctive decorations. Most people concentrate on the living room and kitchen, where there are intimate gatherings with family and friends and sharing decorating ideas to make your home more prominent.

Thus, a large- sturdy dining table or coffee table is quite an essential factor. So, the time you spend decorating and chatting is an unforgettable time that you should not skip out of the year. 

How to choose table legs that suit your Halloween decor and still ensure stability? Let's try doing a little quiz below, it will reveal a lot about you and also the table legs that suit your style. 

Look carefully at these pictures and choose one character that you‘d like to cosplay on Halloween.

              Credit: Pinterest            

I. Medusa 

You are the type of person who always desires power and you have an attractive appearance. Maybe you don't realize your charisma or you know how to take advantage of it very well.

You appreciate your value and self-worth. Medusa's name originates from the ancient Greek verb μέσω and it means "to guard" or "to protect”, so it’s understandable that you always protect and stand for your goals. Your inner desire for power drives you to work hard to achieve your goals. In addition, you always know how to show yourself when needed or skillfully behave to gain support from others.

You need to learn to listen to others and share difficulties with someone you trust rather than silently endure it all.

For this point, you can choose home decor trends that often need to be exclusive and unique such as Modernism, Baroque style, Arts and Crafts style, Royal style, etc.

Therefore, the suitable table legs for you may be the Mamba table base - an amazing and unique table base that you rarely see anywhere but Flowyline.

With a Mamba base, you can turn your table into a significant and exclusive piece of furniture. Its construction is small, but it looks quite sturdy with a weight of up to 77 pounds (LBS) and can support up to 1000lbs of the tabletop. You can put food and candies comfortably on it.

       A Mamba table base is an ideal choice for your Halloween Decoration 


            The Mamba table base at Flowyline is one of the most unique designs that you can’t find everywhere


                                          Mamba table legs: Here 

 II.  Frankenstein

You rather are a cold fish, have a strong personality, and make others wary. The first impression when others look at you is your maturity, a bit cold and unapproachable. But inside you are quite an emotional and easy-going person. You are enthusiastic with the people around you and are always enthusiastic to help them.

The only point you need to change is to learn to open up about your feelings more. And you also need to pay more attention to your health and yourself, to always prioritize what's good for you.

You will prioritize the quality and purpose of the product over its looks or the purpose of showing off.

Luma table legs are a good choice for you at home on Halloween. With a capacity of up to 500 pounds (LBS), Luma will be suitable for you to build a Coffee table and buy Halloween decorations.

Your suitable home decor style: Scandinavian style, Hitech style, Retro style, Minimalism style,... etc

      You should try the quality of Luma table legs on Halloween once

      Luma table legs look so exclusive and sturdy enough for your table       


406 Luma legs: Here 

 III. Bigfoot  

You are a simple person who is quite flexible. You are and most of your decisions are quite emotional. You are the type of person who is not materialistic. Fun and comfort is your top priority. However, you also absolutely do not let anyone play or take advantage of you.

You need to learn to be emotionally stable and be sure of your choices. Stability in feelings and emotions will bring you many good results.

When choosing interior furniture, you prioritize items that are usable and can be used many times or can be used for many different purposes. That's why  Botas table legs are a suitable choice for your Halloween decoration.

          Botas table legs are items that you can use for a long time 

With its weight of up to 44 pounds (LBS), you can use it for dining tables or large coffee tables. You are free to change the purpose of using it easily.

Suitable home decoration style: Country style, Minimalism style, Funky style, Mid-Century Modern style, Organic design style, Pop Art design style, Vintage style,..etc

                      Botas leg is a top choice for whom like the flexibility 


                                          415 Botas legs: Here 

 IV. Haunted tree 

You are a person that everyone has an impression of by your mature appearance. You value sincerity and loyalty. You always try to be gentle with everyone. However, that does not mean that you are easily bullied.

You are studious and ambitious. You are also a trustworthy person that most people would like to talk to and share their stories with. You never give up and keep moving forward no matter how slow it takes. Your qualifications and characteristics are like a leader’s. 

However, sometimes you have to learn to be more flexible in life and situations. You appreciate convenience and comfort in both interior decoration and home style. Do you like to enjoy your own space and don’t like to be disturbed by the outside. 

Namu bases are one of the most common designs for your rustic dining table         


With the above elements, you’d prefer a Namu base. With a high capacity of over 600 pounds (LBS), Namu is your best choice in the kitchen. It helps you withhold many things on top. Namu base is never out of fashion on Halloween decor

With a weight of up to 154 LBS, Namu is the best priority for many people in many styles


                                                 303 Namu base: Here 

Suitable home decoration style: Modern Country style, Industrial style, Rustic style, Bohemian style, French Country style, ..etc

Get in touch with us and find the exclusive table base to bring the Halloween vibe to your house!


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