Dining Table Upgrade | Look No Further than Choosing the Right Metal Legs

Your dining room does more for you than any other room in our house and among essential furniture that’s important for a home, whether moving into a new one or renovating an existing one, dining tables are one that holds pride of place in it. One can do without a sofa and other smaller furniture, but a dining table gets the whole family together and often is the only place where every member comes face to face.

No need to live with an outdated dining table when there are so many options for updating and making over your table!

Without spending as much on the woodwork and texturizing, you can achieve the same results through good quality paint. Furthermore, the right choice for stunning metal legs can only make your upgraded dining table greats again.

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Step One:

Choose a new fabric to recover your dining seats. Go for a newer, modern print in a cool geometric, or a new trendy color. This update alone will help make your furniture seem fresh and new! If your chairs aren’t upholstered, follow the paint directions below. Consider a different color for the chairs!

dinning seat

Step two:

Paint dining table and chairs with your chosen paint, following manufacturers instructions on the can. You will likely need several coats. Let dry 24 hours. Tip: I like to use a mini foam roller on the tabletop itself… it gives a smoother finish without brush marks.

dinning table

Step three:

Choosing the right metal legs for your upgrade dining table project.

There are many styles that can go especially well with dining table:

Either the classic set of 4-legs styles:

metal legs

The elegance set of 2-legs styles

 dinning table

Akro table legs

or The prestige table metal base

table base

 Xerxes table base

Don't  forget to upgrade your bench to go on track with the dining table 

Collection of bench legs

Done!  Remember, the key to updating your dining set is to look no further than choosing the right metal legs, besides, choosing the table-cloth and paint fresher colors is also something that you should not be neglected. You can update your dining table and chairs on a budget with paint and fabric, and set the tone for your home with stunning metal table legs.

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