Different Applicabilities Between A Console Table And A Side Table That You Should Know

What Is A Side Table?

Side tables are usually placed beside other furniture, commonly going next to a chair or a sofa. They can stay outdoors or indoors against a wall. Side tables tend to have a stronger element of style compared to end tables.

Side tables usually go next to  a chair or a sofa, they can stay in outdoors or indoors
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Where Do We Use The Side Table? What Are Its Benefits? 

A side table is often placed in the living room or bedroom where it’s beside a piece of furniture that people usually sit on, for example in a couch or a bed. It helps us to reach essentials easily and increase the storage capacity . It’s necessary that you have to notice the height of side tables when they’re placed beside chairs and sofas.

A side table should stay below the arm of the seat to help us set a drink down or turn on a lamp effortlessly
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A side table should stay equal to or just below the arm of the seat it's next to. This ideal position will both create a visual view of the room and help us set a drink down or turn on a lamp effortlessly.

Side tables are considered a great replacement to extend to your sofa or armchair where you can put food, drinks, or anything else without messing up. That will help you a lot when you need a peaceful and convenient place to take a rest. 

What Is A Console Table?

We can utilize console tables as additional storage in small spaces
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Console tables are normally long and placed up against a wall in an entryway or against the back of a couch. We can utilize them not only as additional storage in small spaces but also as our personality and type of interior style. 

Where Do We Use The Console Table? What Are Its Benefits?

Console tables are usually placed in our entryway or hallway. Having said that, Console tables can be put mostly anywhere in your house but they are usually considered as entryway or hallway furniture.

When decorating a console table we tend to do it with objects, such as books, boxes, lamps, or vases. Moreover, if you love plants or flowers, you can add natural elements such as an orchid, flowers, or even a small pot of plants to make it more visually appealing. You can place these on top of books to add height and not clutter your table too.

We’re able to decorate the console table with a book or lamp to make it more stunning
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Because of their functions and convenience, console tables fit perfectly in narrow spaces such as entryways and hallways. Some people extend the square footage of console tables at a premium so that they can use console tables as bars, vanities, or desks. You can also put lighting or other decorative pieces on the top back of them.

A console table is responsible for being a centerpiece and adding more light to the room. Its raised surface and narrow body make it perfect for living rooms. In addition, console tables' storage may also function as media consoles or TV stands.  

What Is The Difference? 

The main difference between console and side tables is that console tables are designed for beauty and the focal point in our house, side tables are considered fundamental support pieces in rooms. 

The other difference between them is where they're positioned: console tables are often placed against a wall or flat surface while side tables are often put beside framing a sofa or armchair. Furthermore, console tables are usually wider and taller than side tables, they have extra surfaces aking them decorative as well as functional.

Since you know the differences between the console and side tables, you can decide which one is the perfect style for your space. Both console and side tables have pros and cons, you can consider and make the right decision for your house. Regardless of any options you choose, it is sure that they will be a heart of your home.

Nonetheless, the most important element that you should notice is that you need to find table legs that greatly fit to your favorite tables. There are 2  materials that table legs are usually made of: wood and metal. 

The most important element that you should notice is to find table legs that greatly fit to your favorite tables
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Nowadays, people prefer metal materials due to its consistency and strength, especially furniture that is required to stay sturdy to help us hold essentials like tables and table legs. Metal table legs offer us a higher capacity with various significant designs than wooden legs. So we can pick metal legs for your kitchen.

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