Labor Day in the USA is different from International Labor Day (May 1st). Labor Day in the United States is a federal holiday that is celebrated on the first Monday in September to honor the contributions of laborers to the development and achievements of the United States. People often have a three-day weekend (it is called Labor Day Weekend) to enjoy the moment


              Labor day is a great time to honor the hard work of all people


How do you spend your time on this holiday? Most people spend time on watching TV, reading books, hanging out and doing doomscrolling for hours and hours. Others enjoy laying on their warm bed and simply doing nothing. That seems great! We deserve any kind of entertainment after a sedulous time.


                            Spend hours on social media isn’t a wise choice

                                       Credit: Abilities Magazine 

However, if you don’t want to repeat these jejune activities or be lethargic the day after due to using social media for a long time, we suggest you renovate your house. This doesn’t mean you have to clean everything and make your house like a brand new one. Sometimes you just need to remake your working space, or bedroom, repaint your living room or make a highlight in your corner with a side table having unique table legs .

Imagine that under the new working space, your productivity will be significantly improved and you can resolve issues better. How amazing it is!

Imagine that under the new working space, your productivity will be significantly improved and you can resolve issues better. How amazing it is!


                            A side table will help your corner brighter  


                                  Table legs:


Let’s start with these questions:

  • When should you renovate?  
  • Labor Day is a great opportunity to do something different. We usually have a three-day weekend off before the first Monday of September which is long enough to renew your living space. The ideal time to clean up your house should be from 9am and after 6pm. People usually take a rest and gather for dinner so it’s irritating to hear some noise beyond that schedule.  

  • Where can you do it?
  • How about starting with your room? We are willing to stay in our room for many hours. So using our time to give it a new look is a good idea. If you’re confident in your own room or satisfied with its present appearance, you can consider the living room as the next choice.

    The living room represents your house’s spirit and style. It makes the house into a home. In addition, the living room is an element that decides whether your guests will praise you or not. Therefore, you had better keep your living room a focal point by adding some thoughtful decorating items.



                 Create a spotlight in your living room can be a nice idea                


                                    Curva table legs:

    Another place you also take notice of is the kitchen. How long have you removed unnecessary things in the kitchen? How long have you repainted it? Is it clean enough to welcome guests? Is the dining table stable enough for your family to have meals? Be mindful that the kitchen isn’t only a place to eat but also a place to bridge the distance for your family. So it must be worth your time and investment.

                      The kitchen also plays an important role in your house


                                Uzar table base: 

  • How long should you spend?
  • You can spend around 2-3 hours renovating the living space. Looking around your house and finding where you want to change the most but remember that your aim is to make your house fresher than usual. You needn’t spend too much time working and fixing something because it’s already a consuming-time task. 

  • How do you start?
  • You really need to make a routine cleaning first because we all tend to do unnecessary things. Moreover, you may be aware that having a plan is often helpful for yourself.

    Let’s start with small things like tidying up your mess, and removing useless objects. Check your tables, bookshelves,  and sofa then see whether any table legs need to be changed or repaired.  

    With broken table legs, you should find a reliable store and pick suitable ones for your furniture. If you would like to change your house’s color, you can consider neutral or natural colors that help your house be both modern and elegant. 

    • With whom can you do?

    Renovating living space is as hard as building a house. It all costs a heap of time and effort. But the more attention you pay to it, the more satisfied you will be. Starting is the most difficult part of any task but if you get through it, you’ll see how it’s worth your salt. Anyway, don’t forget to take before/after photos and realize how wonderful it changes!

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