Best Coffee Table Legs

Coffee tables are a useful addition to any living space, as they provide a convenient surface to place drinks, display decor, and kick up your feet when lounging. They come in all types of shapes, sizes, and materials, and some even have additional features like drawers, storage cubbies, or lift-tops. When shopping for the perfect coffee table, be sure to consider the style, size, material, and intended use. Certain materials, such as leather and wood, are highly durable and easy to maintain. However, glass and clear acrylic have a lighter look and will open up smaller spaces.

When it comes to shopping for coffee table legs there are many styles. If you are looking for modern coffee table legs options I have a go-to list to help you get started.

Best Coffee Table Legs You’ll Love in 2023

Now you are thinking about what trendy coffee table legs are? Don’t just look at table legs for a round or rectangular coffee table?

As you can see below metal coffee table legs come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. The thing to remember about the stylish table legs is they are steel material.

best coffee table legs

  1. Wishbone Metal Table Legs
  2. Radix Metal Table Legs
  3. Draco Metal Table Legs
  4. Nura Metal Table Legs
  5. Haru Metal Table Legs
  6. Wineglass Metal Table Legs
  7. Uzar Metal Table Legs
  8. Curva Metal Table Legs
  9. Xeni Metal Table Legs
  10. Manu Metal Table Legs
  11. Yami Metal Table Legs
  12. Norah Metal Table Legs

Table Legs for Square Coffee Table

Square coffee tables are fabulous when you are trying to connect your seating arrangement in your living room. They are perfect when you have a square or u-shape seating layout. 

No matter your style or budget there will be one for you in this category. That is the style shown above. If you are modern or traditional or transitional there are more options available as well.

This coffee table legs category comes in a variety of sizes and styles that will be a focal point in the center of your living room.

Legs for Square Coffee Table

  1. Faras Metal Table Legs
  2. Draco Metal Table Legs
  3. Summa Metal Table Legs
  4. Norah Metal Table Legs
  5. Cleo Metal Table Legs

Metal Table Legs for Rectangle Coffee Table

Legs for Rectangle Coffee Table

  1. Cleo Metal Table Legs
  2. Curva Metal Table Legs
  3. Draco Metal Table Legs
  4. Wineglass Metal Table Legs

The modern rectangle coffee table is often what you will see in front of a sofa or in the middle of two sofas opposite each other. For many people, this is the go-to style that they think of when sourcing a new coffee table.

This is another category about coffee table legs that can be found in every size. If you are looking for a modern style the clear acrylic style is a great choice.

Table Legs for Round Coffee Tables

Round coffee tables are especially great to use with your sofa, chaise couch, or L-shape sectional. If you have a lot of square or rectangle shapes in your design, adding round elements will create interest and balance in your living room.

The round nesting coffee table is nice when you like to entertain since it can be expanded for more surface space. While this shape may seem like a classic with all the size, material, and style options they are far from ordinary.

No matter your price point or budget there are metal table legs that suit the round coffee table perfect for you!

Legs for Round Coffee Table

  1. Uzar Metal Table Base
  2. Cleo Metal Table Legs
  3. Udo Metal Table Legs
  4. Yami Metal Table Legs

Table Legs for Burl Wood Coffee Tables

You know the beauty of burl wood. You can see why a coffee table in this material would be a conversation starter in your home.

Although the burlwood coffee table is unique and stylish they are still pretty rare. Not all vendors carry them and they are not cheap. 

Table Legs for Burl Wood Coffee Tables

  1. Xeni Metal Table Legs
  2. Yami Metal Table Legs
  3. Wishbone Metal Table Legs
  4. Curva Metal Table Legs
  5. Uzar Metal Table Legs

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