Metal Table Legs Style to Go With a Butcher Block

Can I Use Butcher Block for a Table?

If you are a fan of home renovation shows, you’ve probably noticed that butcher block tables are popular. These simple tables add a ton of character to a kitchen. Unfortunately, a custom made butcher block table can easily cost over a thousand dollars.

Have you thought about using a butcher block for a table and building your own?

Yes, it is possible to use a butcher block for a table and make your own butcher block table. With some time and a few simple materials, you could create a butcher block table for a fraction of the price.

In this post, we will take a deep dive into butcher block tables. We will discuss how to build the butcher block tabletop and what metal table legs style to go with a butcher block. Using metal table legs helps reduce the overall cost of the project.


How to Build a Butcher Block Table Top

Are you feeling inspired to create your own butcher block table? The first place to start is by creating the tabletop.

Step 1: Choose Your Wood

Start by thinking about what wood you want to use for the tabletop. Do you want to purchase a pre-made butcher block? Or do you want to build your own from pieces of wood?

To build your own, gather pieces of lumber. Maple, walnut, and ash are great choices for this type of project.

Metal Table Legs for Butcher Block Tables

Nura Metal Table Legs

Step 2: Cut, Glue, Clamp

Assuming you are using strips of lumber, it is time to cut your pieces to size. Measure the slats of wood and cut to the desired length. Then, dry-fit the pieces of wood to make sure everything fits together. Now it is time to glue the pieces together. It is recommended to use Titebond or another FDA-approved food-safe glue.

Glue in a wavy pattern for maximum coverage. After gluing, clamp the boards together to create your desired width. It is best to complete this process in 3 or 4 steps instead of all at once.

Step 3: Sand and Seal

Once the glue has completely dried, you can sand the tabletop. Make sure to get the boards completely smooth. If you want to stain the wood this is a good time to do that. Otherwise, seal the tabletop with a nontoxic and food-safe oil. To maintain your table, you should apply a wood conditioner or oil every few months.

sand and seal


What Metal Table Legs Style to Go With a Butcher Block

Now that your butcher block tabletop is complete, it is time to assemble the metal table legs. Think about the styles you want to use for the tabletop. Here are some idea for you

Traditional Metal Table Legs for Butcher Block Tabletop

If you do not want to make huge changes in your house and still want a modern look, try traditional metal table legs design. These table legs come with different artistic corners. It will suit your butcher block tabletops and also gives a large space.

Metal Table Legs 28 Inch HighPriya Metal Table Legs

Pedestal Base Table for Butcher Block Tabletop

This adds a vintage look to your house. The pedestal base can be of any shape and it enhances the look of the butcher block. Pedestal base tables are simple and minimalist. These bases are strong and can hold the weight of butcher block tabletops.

Metal Table Legs for Farmhouse Table

Hoshi Metal Table Base


Wide Base for Butcher Block Tabletop

This Base is prestige table base but can hold a long butcher block tabletop without adding legs also be it live edge, wood, or epoxy, be it your custom table, dining table, console table, or oval butcher block table, can hold tops (live-edge, glass, GFRC concrete, caesarstone...) of up to more than 1000lbs.

Pedestal Base - Furniture Design

Arco Metal Table Base

Modern Style for Butcher Block Tabletop

These legs have a fantastic look. With its unique, one-of-its-kind design, this steel table base would brighten up your living space or dining space as it is beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed, well-made, and with flawless finish.

Pedestal Base for Live Edge Table

Tulipe Metal Table Legs

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