Metal Legs for Live-Edge Table

Which woods make the best live edge tables?

Haru Metal Table Legs
Haru Metal Table Legs

With over 60,000 wood species around the world, how do you choose? A good rule is staying close to home. Also, it is good to look for a wood monger that believes in sourcing its logs ethically. Basically, in a nutshell, it’s not cutting a living tree unless in a managed forest, selective harvesting, salvage, or dead standing. Trees have life cycles, so why not manage wood harvest around their cycles. But back to what is the best wood for live edge furniture. The most stable is old-growth Redwood within the USA, but Black walnut, Cherry, and Claro walnut are also great options. Oaks, whether red, white, or black oak, are also options and sycamore and maple. Each species has its challenges but finding a custom furniture maker specializing in live-edge furniture will help.

Black walnut, Cherry, and Claro walnut: 

When you invest in a walnut for a live-edge table, you enjoy several advantages. First, these tables are durable, combining sturdy wood and walnut veneers. While some styles boast an all-wood construction, others incorporate additional durable materials like metal. Regardless of the style you select, you will enjoy the versatility of this table. Walnut and metallic finishes coordinate easily with hues of any color, allowing this piece to blend seamlessly into your space, working well with decorative elements like accent pillows and area rugs.

Cleo Metal Table Legs

Cleo Metal Table Legs

Oaks, whether red, white, or black oak:

An oak for a live-edge table table or oak desk is made from the sturdy wood of an oak tree. The strength of oaks has inspired several countries to adopt them as symbols on money and flags, and in 2004 the oak was voted the national tree by the US Congress.

Xeni Metal Table Legs

Xeni Metal Table Legs

Best Metal Legs For Live-Edge Tables

Depending on your decor, a live edge table legs can easily fit into your living room, dining room or den. So many of today's tables feature bases and legs that blend styles from mid century modern to industrial to boho chic.

Are you in search of the perfect table legs for your table top? Perhaps your table top has a natural edge. Or maybe you have a wooden or even granite table top. Here are Best Metal Legs For Your Live-Edge Tables

Best for Overall Table

Akro Table Legs are metal table legs finished with matte black powder coating.

The table legs can be set up for a table that seats up to eight people thanks to a drop-in leaf that expands the table to 93 inches with ease.

These table legs can be used for live edge tables or benches. Use this design to get compliments

Akro Table Legs


Best Color Options

Wishbone Gold Brass Metal Table Legs is known for its high-quality, live-edge table, and the Dining Table is one of its best-selling options for the dining room. It can match any decor.

With gold brass color, make your live-edge table look more modern but still keep style for your house.

Wishbone Gold Brass Metal Table Legs


Best for Small Spaces

The Xeni Table legs fit the live-edge table top which can accommodate up to six chairs, these are the perfect size for a smaller dining room or kitchen. These affordable dining table legs are made from steel, still making an authentic modern look. All of which have been purposefully distressed for a more rustic appearance.

The table’s simple design makes it easy to pair up with chairs or even a bench.

The Xeni Table legs


And some table leg ideas for your live edge table, which have received the most good feedback from our customers.

Best Metal Legs For Live-Edge Tables

1.Curva Metal Table Legs

Curva Metal Table Legs

2.Hoshi Metal Table Base

Hoshi Metal Table Base

3.Haru Metal Table Legs

Haru Metal Table Legs

4.Dentro Metal Table Base

Dentro Metal Table Base

5.Arco Metal Table Base

Arco Metal Table Base

6.Hatty Metal Table Legs

Hatty Metal Table Legs

7.Akro Metal Table Legs

Akro Metal Table Legs

8.Xeni Metal Table Legs

Xeni Metal Table Legs

9.Cleo Metal Table Legs

Cleo Metal Table Legs

Here are some reviews about these table legs:

“I was very nervous to order from a company that I hadn't recommended. I really liked the legs and checked reviews before purchasing.

I’m so pleased we chose Flowyline Design, we are chuffed with the quality of our purchase, they kept us informed at every stage of delivery and it came very promptly. I will definitely recommend it to family and friends!” - Gregory

“ Alex and his team of highly skilled welders make an excellent base. Would highly recommend to anyone considering replacing legs on an old table or in my case making a live edge slab. With a proper mounting base will last as long as the 150 year old walnut. The adjustable feet are a great addition for those not so level floors.” - Nick

“ Great legs! I used them for a coffee table. They work perfectly to compliment the entire piece. Love them!” - Craig

The above are the table legs that have received the most positive feedback from our customers. If you are looking for metal table legs to match the Live Edge Tables in your house, these are the best options.

If you want to customize the legs to suit your tabletop or your bench, We're ready to help you. Live chat with us at or leave your email for a 3D drawing.

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