Metal Legs For Live-Edge Tables

What Are Live Edges?

Live-edge is known as the unfinished edge of the woodwork. It is considered the process of wood not changed by hand tools or woodworking machinery. Thus, the untouched end of slabs still keeps a tree's original characteristics,  shape, and bark. This design element is referred to as a live edge.

Live-edge has been used to create some products like live-edge tables, live-edge turned bowls, live-edge souvenirs, etc. 

The most popular application of live-edge design properly is in table making. Not similar to traditionally finished tables, a live-edge table brings the natural characteristics of nature into the living space. By design, it brings the appearance of the outdoors inside. Due to being made by nature, each piece is just as unique as fingerprints.

Live-edge table is one of the most popular live-edge applications due to its rustic and nice appearance
Credit: Flowyline Design  
401 Wishbone legs: Here 

What Types Of Wood Fit Well With A Live-Edge Table? 

Black walnut, Cherry, and Claro walnut

You enjoy several advantages when you invest in a walnut for a live-edge table. First, these tables are durable, combining sturdy wood and walnut veneers. While some styles boast an all-wood construction, others incorporate additional durable materials like metal. Regardless of the style you select, you will enjoy the versatility of this table. Walnut and metallic finishes coordinate easily with hues of any color, allowing this piece to blend seamlessly into your space, working well with decorative elements like accent pillows and area rugs.

Best Metal Legs For Live-Edge Tables
Black Walnut is considered one of tythe pes of piece of wood that fit perfectly to live-edge tables 
Credit: Flowyline Design
121 Tulipe base: Here 

Whether you like the raw appeal of live-edge tables, we will give you some hints about trendy table legs which fit perfectly to your house

Curva Metal Table Legs

Curva table legs are one of the unique and best-selling designs from Flowyline Design. Dedication- Originality- Our customers always say great capacity when talking about Curva table Legs. Don't skip this chance to try these amazing table legs. These can be used for not only live-edge tables, but also for a coffee table, dining table, live-edge slab, heavy tabletop, and so on.

Curva Metal Table Legs

Credit: Flowyline Design
418 Curva Table Legs: Here

Xeni Metal Table Legs

For Vintage fans, Xeni Table Legs is a worth-trying option. They bring a combination of traditional and modern design. Instead of the traditional four, You can use this with two to make a perfect balance for your live edge table top. So these legs will be the top choice that you should not ignore for your live-edge table.

Xeni Table Legs bring a combination of traditional and modern design that makes the perfect balance for your live edge tabletop
Credit: Flowyline Design
109 Xeni Bench Legs: Here 

Cleo Metal Table Legs

Many of you may have been thinking that live edge furniture was really for that rustic cabin or lodge-style decor. Cleo Legs are must-try designs in your live-edge due to their confirmation and soft lines. With a capacity of 500 lbs, you can choose a big square or rectangular top for these beautiful legs. 

Cleo Metal Table LegsCleo Legs are must-try designs in your live-edge due to their confirmation and soft lines that you shouldn’t skip out 
Credit: Flowyline Design
443 Cleo Coffee Table Legs: Here  


Akro Metal Table Legs

Akro legs are the choice for those who value comfort, flexibility, and high-capacity needs. Sturdy Arko Metal Table legs make your live edge table the perfect fit for your mid-mod decor, and would also make these table legs an awesome option for your choice.

 Sturdy Arko Metal Table legs make your live edge table the perfect fit for your mid-modern decor
Credit: Flowyline Design 
420 Akro legs: Here 

Tulipe base

The Tulipe base is for those who like beauty and elegance. Tulipe base with slender and curvy lines but still ensures certainty for your live-edge tables.

Credit: Flowyline Design
121 Tulipe base: Here 

We- Flowyline Design is a furniture manufacturer based in California and sells various customizable table legs and bases. We have many good reviews and are willing to bring the best service for you. 

If you want to customize the legs to suit your tabletop or your bench, we're ready to help you. Live chat with us at or leave your email for a 3D rendering. 

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